WAX Takes DeFi to the Next Level

WAX Studios is proud to announce the launch of WAXdefi.io, a blockchain DeFi product that provides yields to participants that are based on real economic activity across the WAX Ecosystem.

What’s new with wax DeFi?

In order to bring our unique DeFi experience to the entire web3 ecosystem, we have improved the design of our DeFi site and moved it from the WAX Cloud Wallet to its own domain: www.waxdefi.io

Whether you’re a DeFi veteran or just getting started, now anyone can easily earn rewards in the WAX DeFi ecosystem.

The Beginning of a New Era

The launch of WAXdefi.io coincides with the expiration of our Genesis Block Members (GBM) rewards. Users who have collected their final cycle of GBM rewards will now have an opportunity to continue earning rewards with Wax DeFi.

We hope you love these changes as much as we do!

Have questions or concerns? Send us a message on Discord.

29, Jun 2022