WAX Cloud Wallet Whitelisting Process Update

Last month, we shared a very important update with you regarding the new WAX Cloud Wallet Resource Boost Model available in WAX Cloud Wallet and our plans to implement future whitelisting processes, policies and systems.

As we continue to develop and iron out the details of the whitelisting process to create the best user experience for everyone, we wanted to share some of the latest updates with you.

We will be providing additional information and open up the process for whitelisting prior to it taking full effect. In the interim, here is a breakdown of everything to have on your radar at this time.

Whitelisting Is Not Required to Use WAX Cloud Wallet

The WAX Cloud Wallet whitelisting process will not be a required verification process.

It will be a technical process that will not impact the majority of the WAX community. Also, whitelisting will not be a requirement to be able to use WAX Cloud Wallet.

Even if you are not whitelisted, you can still use the WAX Cloud Wallet for basic processes, such as signing transactions.

Who Will Be Impacted by Whitelisting?

The majority of users and projects on WAX will not be impacted by whitelisting and should not be concerned about upcoming changes.

With regard to whom the whitelisting process will impact, anyone who is just making a collection will not need to be whitelisted. All marketplaces will be whitelisted unless they do not fulfill their obligations to the community as a marketplace operator.

For primary sales, these will not be impacted if conducted on whitelisted marketplaces or storefronts. There will be no visible indicator which distinguishes whitelisted projects from those that are not whitelisted.

We will require a whitelist for any game or dApp that exceeds 1000 Daily Active Wallets or has 100,000 actions executed against their smart contracts in any given 24h period; whichever comes first. You do not need to apply to be whitelisted until you are at risk of potentially going over this usage threshold.

Technical Requirements to Get Whitelisted

The purpose of whitelisting is to provide quality of life benefits, which are already automatically in place if you’re under the threshold. Additionally, we ask that you pay attention to the following to assure you’re safeguarding both users and the WAX blockchain:

  • Work together with WAX and the guilds to ensure your dApp is as efficient as possible with only necessary logic being put on-chain.
  • Guarantee that you do not abuse free public APIs and that you positively contribute to the ecosystem by providing your own RPC and other supporting APIs for dApps that make a lot of API calls.
  • Actively work on bot prevention, including designing dApp logic to discourage botting.

In addition to the above, there will also be some supplemental requirements (not technical) that we are still finalizing.

It is our hope that in providing these updates you’ll now have the answers to any questions you may have had and your concerns about the upcoming whitelisting process that have been addressed.

Stay tuned! More information regarding the whitelisting process to come.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions via Discord or Twitter.

11, Jul 2022