WAX #Art Week

Celebrating indie artists on the WAX Blockchain with 5,000 WAXP & exclusive NFT giveaway

The world of art is vast — there’s truly something for everyone. From surrealism, to brilliant landscapes, fantasy, pop art and more, the WAX Blockchain has seen a vast array of talented indie artists flooding to the platform.

We are thrilled to celebrate all of the unique, individual artists that breathe life and creativity into the blockchain.

Trust us, there’s some serious talent out there! We’re about to introduce you to some amazing artists, and we’ve partnered with them to give away 5,000 WAXP, plus some exclusive NFTs to 10 lucky winners!

Artists on the Rise


Heading off the list of artists climbing the charts, bohnart will certainly catch your eye. He’s an extraordinary animator and illustrator with a unique perspective on the world. The boneheads collection provokes some interesting thoughts — totally weird, totally awesome!

Check him out on Twitter: @bohnart1


SEÑORLUPE’s off-beat CHUMMYS are his signature. This horse has undergone many a makeover, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Experience a magnitude of colorful gifs and creations — there’s no shortage of fun to be had!

Check him out on Twitter: @senorLupe


jonezy.art brings us a mix of cartoonish, crazy characters with a hint of some retro comic book pizzaz in their collection, Corporate World. This office space is getting wild, where anything and everything takes on a life of its own.

Check them out on Twitter: @jonezy.art

Rusty The Red Panda

If you have an obsession with adorable, fluffy critters, then Rusty The Red Panda might just be for you. This artist encapsulates the cuteness of red pandas in a colorful, cartoony fashion that will make your heart melt.

Check them out on Twitter: @Rustytheredpan2


Next up to bat is a pixel art pro, Ryu | Waxel.net | Play To Earn NFT Game. Specializing in Waxel Ninjas in colorful landscapes, these 8-bit creations are an excellent addition to any collection.

Check them out on Twitter: @Waxel_NFT

Disguised Pigeon

Disguised Pigeon takes the spotlight next, because even birds belong on WAX. If you’ve ever wanted to see a cartoonish pigeon dressed up in whacky fashion, now’s your chance. Follow Lary as he travels across the universe in this hilarious collection.

Check them out on Twitter: @DPIGEONSNFT

Oliver Morpher

Since we’re on the topic of animals, it’s time to show off OliverMorpher’s crazy cats. These funky felines push the boundaries of what’s possible, taking on countless forms. We’d say “lay off the catnip,” but it seems to be doing them some favors!

Check them out on Twitter: @OliverMorpher

Sebastian Perez

Sebastian Perez has a vast array of collaborative efforts with other artists, including the AR friendly Blockchain Blunts with Dutchee, pixelated Hi Frens PFPs with Wampa, music NFTs with tracks in a YoshiDrops x Wampa x TDA collab and more. His crazy creations certainly add some variety and spunk to WAX.

Check him out on Twitter: @thedigitacid

Nifty BC

Nifty BC has a variety of artistic talents, including 3D illustrations, drawings and animations — his works brought the very first AR collection to WAX (M.O.R.B.S.), and he stands as one of the first approved PFP creators currently on the platform.

Check him out on Twitter: @CaldwellCreativ

These creators (and more) have greatly contributed to the rich community that WAX fosters, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Keep on creating!

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25, Jan 2022