IMPORTANT UPDATE: New Resource Option Now Available in WAX Cloud Wallet

Earlier today, we published a blog post on a simplified resource model and dApp whitelisting process.

We apologize for any confusion this announcement may have caused.

The blog post was meant to go out in the future, as we are still working to solidify the details on the mentioned whitelisting processes and will communicate them to you soon.

Please bear with us as we iron them out, as we are working to create the very best user experience for everyone.

Also, we did not provide an accurate explanation of the revised WAX Cloud Wallet resource model.

The resource model as described in the previous blog post will not go into effect until the whitelisting process is ready and has started.

Currently, the systems for resource purchasing and staking (see the WAX Cloud Wallet Resource Model) in the WAX Blockchain ecosystem create some problematic edge cases and can be difficult to understand for those who are familiar with the behavior of other, gas fee based blockchains.

That’s why we are moving forward with a new WAX Cloud Wallet Resource Boost Model. This model is simple to understand and easy to use for any user with a wallet, and most importantly it alleviates the need to purchase and stake resources before using any dApps.

Below is the current revised WAX Cloud Wallet resource model:

  1. Check to see if you have enough resources staked.
  2. If all staked resources have been depleted, each wallet gets its normal Boost.
  3. If all free Boost has been used for the day, then users can pay a 0.1 WAXP fee to complete the transaction.

With regard to whitelisting, we are still developing processes, policies and systems, and it won’t go into effect for at least another month or two.

We will be providing additional information and open up the process for whitelisting prior to it taking full effect.

22, Jun 2022