AtomicHub Ups the Ante for NFT Enthusiasts

If you’ve been a part of the WAX ecosystem for any length of time, it’s pretty safe to say that you’ve probably ventured to AtomicHub at least once or twice.

When it comes to collecting and trading NFTs, AtomicHub is a crowd favorite.

Since WAX took its first NFT steps in 2019, AtomicHub’s co-creator Jona Wilmsmann has been working in tandem with the blockchain in order to create a riveting NFT market experience that all are sure to enjoy.

What Is AtomicHub?

Whether you’ve missed out on a WAX pack sale, or wish to try your hand at creating your own collection, AH has you covered.

Here, the blockchain is truly your oyster, where you can create, collect, trade, buy and sell any of the NFTs that reside within the WAX ecosystem in a fully secured and verified IPFS market.

Although there are many secondary marketplaces for you to take your business, AH stands out from the crowd.

“We feel like our biggest differentiator is that a lot of other NFT marketplaces focus on one-of-one, unique and very high-value NFTs… we focus a lot more on the gaming and collectible side of NFTs [at an affordable price point],” states Wilmsmann.

The platform boasts hundreds, even thousands of unique NFTs — ranging from pure collectibles to NFTs ready to be used in-game. Just a few minutes of exploring are sure to solidify in our minds that there truly is something for everyone.

Plus, AtomicHub strives to set some quality control in place for the various NFT collections by opening the door to whitelisting and verification protocols — ultimately helping to create a more well-rounded shopping experience.

Whitelisting and Verification

At this time, there are roughly 276 verified collections, and over 2,300 whitelisted collections for you to peruse and enjoy — and it’s growing every day!

These two terms are important to consider when shopping in any NFT marketplace.

Simply stated, these are the stamps of approval to help guide you towards collections that both AH and the community trust. Although this is an excellent place to start your NFT shopping, it’s always important to do your own research in order to avoid scams and less-than-savvy collections.

Whitelisting, a Level 1 process, is specifically the approval process where the AtomicHub team vets the collections coming through to look for a certain standard of quality and originality for the NFTs.

When it comes to collections that go alongside a game, the project does need to show signs of development and that the team backing it is capable and ready to follow through on promises.

Wilmsmann explains, “Overall, we’re sort of trying to find the balance between not being too restrictive and making sure that all kinds of projects can exist in the ecosystem, but also protecting our users and making sure that we have some level of filter between everything that is created and things we believe are valuable for users to see.”

Verification, a Level 2 process, takes things one step further by marking collections that meet AtomicHub’s very highest standards.

As of right now, Wilmsmann admits that this standard is difficult to explain to the community, and it has become an issue — but fret not, the team is hard at work on some updates to streamline, simplify and make more sense of the process.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on this in the weeks to come, and if you think your collection deserves one of these prestigious titles, visit here and submit an application to get the ball rolling.

What Does the Future Hold?

It’s clear to see that AtomicHub is in a pretty comfortable position at this time, but there’s always something to look forward to.

In order to create an environment that is even more open and accessible to current and new users, credit card support is well on its way. Adding this tech will surely make the buying and selling experience even more enjoyable for you to get your NFT fix.

Further down the line, the Hub has some pretty ambitious dreams — as well they should!

“We want to become the go-to platform for anything related to NFT gaming and collectibles… perhaps even broader than that, but we feel that’s really where we shine the most,” states Wilmsmann. “Right now, if you’re thinking about gaming, you’ll immediately go to Steam. If you want to buy a new game, you’ll open up Steam and you won’t even think twice about it. But, in five to 10 years, if you think about NFT gaming and you immediately go to AtomicHub, then we’ve achieved our goal.”

As for now, AtomicHub continues to undergo some TLC in updating the user interface for a more seamless experience.

It’s only up from here!

Why WAX?

Through the interview process, Wilmsmann made it crystal clear that WAX was the blockchain to beat for AtomicHub’s needs.

Not only is the platform lightning fast — there are no astronomically high transaction fees. Plus, WAX’s carbon-neutrality and environmental stance are a huge plus to those who wish to collect and play.

“WAX allows us to deliver the user experience that we want to be able to deliver, whereas other chains just don’t,” says Wilmsmann. “WAX is just built for this. The community on WAX loves NFTs and there’s a whole ecosystem of great minds building on [the blockchain]. We are quite happy where we are!”

Final Thoughts

We’d say that AtomicHub is up to some pretty neat things. WAX is stoked to have the Hub on its side, and we can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

If you love AtomicHub as much as we do and are interested in joining the team, they’re hiring! Interested? Reach out here and make sure to follow the Atomic team on TwitterInstagram and Discord.

30, Jun 2022