Attention Earthlings!

The Outer Space Men Action Figures are coming to WAX

Humans of planet Earth, there have been recent sightings of extraterrestrial life approaching. You may remember them from the 1968 Colorforms Company (now The Outer Space Men, LLC) collection of alien-fantastic action figures. These retro collectibles are now returning and are set to land on WAX as vIRL® NFTs.

The adventure begins on August 19 at 1 pm EST — collect all of your favorite figures and have them shipped right to your door.

Creatures from Beyond

Experience these iconic alien collectibles in an exciting space adventure on WAX. The 3D OSM Series 1 vIRL® NFTs bring Xodiac, Cyclops, Gemini and many others to life in four (4) deep-space rarities, including:

Cosmic Radiation Edition

65.81 % Chance

Bluestar Edition

25.46 % Chance

Infinity Glyos

7.27 % Chance

Whitestar Edition

1.46 % Chance

What You Can Buy

There is only one (1) pack available for purchase — each priced at $251 and containing one (1) vIRL® NFT that is guaranteed to reward you with the physical collectible (shipping included) if redeemed. You also have a chance of receiving an ultra-rare White Star card that gives you access to one of five action figures, each of which retails for $999 on The Outer Space Men website.

Original Pack



The number of packs on sale is limited to 1735 Packs. For the first time ever, every single NFT will be redeemable for a physical collectible in September. When you redeem your NFT, you'll be given another NFT that you can keep in your collection or trade with other collectors. There are no additional fees for shipping. This sale requires a credit card and a WAX Cloud Wallet account.

Instant Buy

You can also directly purchase from a pool of six (6) 12” Sofubi (soft vinyl) vIRL® NFT action figures for $351 each and skip the guessing.

Buy Here

Promo Pack

Join WAX on August 18 at 1 pm EST for a stress-test to ensure the official launch goes off without a hitch. To say “thanks,” we’ll reward you with a free promo-pack, and you can unbox at 4 pm EST to reveal your gift and get a head start on collecting.

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Humble Beginnings

The earth-invasion began in 1968, Mel Birnkrant of Colorforms Company designed and created a set of seven “bendy”, alien action figures — each representing the planets of the solar system and unexplored sectors of the galaxy. Years later, in 2008, Birnkrant partnered with creative visionary Gary Schaeffer, and they transformed the brand into The Outer Space Men, LLC that we know and love today.

Taking Over the Universe

Since the merger, OSM has continued to evolve -- releasing a graphic novel and an entirely new set of action figures already delighting collectors around the world.

Unlocking the Potential of NFTs

WAX Blockchain technology empowers collectors to buy OSM Series 1 digital collectibles on WAX marketplaces, trade them with others, and showcase their inventory on social media. The WAX Blockchain ensures your OSM collectibles are 100% verifiable as authentic.

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