Historic Sci-Fi Art Anthology 1-of-1 vIRL® NFT Auction on WAX

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world in which the surface of the Earth becomes inhabitable for humans. Everyone is forced to retreat and live underground and have their needs provided for by an all-encompassing Machine.

“Thought Machines” made their debut in Science Fiction Magazine in the 1920s and were based on a sci-fi short called “The Machine Stops,” written by Edward Morgan Forster in November 1909. 

Now, you have the rare opportunity to own one of Forster’s historic illustrations via a 1-of-1 NFT and one-of-a-kind museum-quality fine art canvas print when the Sci-Fi Anthology brings another stunning auction to the WAX blockchain on February 23, 2022.

Ultra-Rare 1-of-1 Auction

The next auction for the Sci-Fi Art Anthology collection is the “Thought Machine” vIRL® NFT, which includes both a 1-of-1 NFT and redeemable token for a one-of-a-kind museum quality canvas print. If you’re lucky enough to get your virtual hands on this vIRL NFT, you’ll have the opportunity to redeem it for a physical, museum-quality framed canvas print. This 19x24 inch art piece is sure to be the centerpiece of any room!

Thought Machine

$1,601 Final Bid*

1-of-1 NFT and Unique Canvas Print (19x24 inch)

A Story of Days to Come

$2,669 Final Bid*

1-of-1 NFT and Unique Canvas Print (19x24 inch)

*A WAX Cloud Wallet account is required before a bid can be placed. All sales will be transacted in WAXP, the official WAX Blockchain token.

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Own a Piece of Art History

In this epic art piece, Forster points to the technology itself as the ultimate controlling force. He also predicted globalization, the internet, smartphones, video conferencing and numerous other realities of the 21st-Century. The artist is best known for his novels: “A Room with a View”, “Howards End” and “A Passage to India.”

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