Round Up: WAX is the King of NFTs — here’s why


The last few months have been a whirlwind of NFT activity on WAX, cementing the WAX Blockchain’s reputation as the King of NFTs.

Every primary sale that launched on WAX sold out immediately, most of which contained more than 100,000 NFTs each and a combined total of more than 750,000 NFTs. Plus, secondary market sales continue to boom and will soon reach $2 million in total sales among the top four WAX-powered secondary markets.

Here’s a recap of important NFT-related news and events that took place on WAX since May 2020:

Every NFT Sale on WAX Sold Out Immediately


Every NFT sale that has launched on WAX over the last few months has sold out immediately, some in as quickly as nine minutes, and contained a combined total of more than 750,000 NFTs. Here’s a summary of each sale:

Topps Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) Series 1 (May 2020)

The cult-favorite trading card brand was the first official NFT sale on WAX, and sold out in just over one day. 12,000 GPK Card Packs containing 110,000 cards were scooped up by collectors in just 28 hours.

Learn more about the Topps GPK Series 1 sale here and here.

Topps “GPK Goes Exotic” Series (July 2020)

The second series that Topps launched on WAX featured artwork reminiscent of 2020’s favorite documentary, and the entire series of 20,000 digital trading card packs containing 240,000 total NFTs (worth $204,800) sold out in just over 1 hour.

Learn more about the Topps “GPK Goes Exotic” sale here and here.

William Shatner Series (July 2020)

One of the world’s most iconic and beloved actors, William Shatner, whose career has spanned more than six decades and who is best known for his role as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, released a series of trading cards on WAX featuring never-before-seen pictures from his personal life and career.

The result? The series of 10,000 packs containing 135,000 NFTs sold out in just NINE minutes!

This series had a few special features, including the ability to redeem certain cards for physical memorabilia personally autographed by Mr. Shatner himself, and a shard system that adds another layer of collectability to the set.

Learn more about the William Shatner sale here.

Blockchain Heroes Series (August 2020)

This series of 12,500 card packs, containing 125,000 cards, featured the likenesses of famous crypto and blockchain personalities and sold out immediately. The entirely-original artwork was created by the team behind The Bad Crypto Podcast and has become a collector favorite.

The team continues to release new content, and we highly suggest following them on Twitter to keep up with all the cool stuff they continue to do with the series.

Learn more about the Blockchain Heroes sale here.

Kogs (August 2020)


Inspired by the 90’s global phenomenon POGs, KOGs, or Keys to Other Games is a series of collectible NFTs that can be used across a number of different games. Their primary sale sold out 11,785 packs containing more than 150,000 NFTs in just three hours.

Learn more about the Kogs sale here.

Topps GPK Crash Gordon ‘Surprise’ Series (August 2020)


Topps released a surprise series of 5,000 Crash Gordon card packs during their Topps DigiCon broadcast which sold out instantly. This very limited series contained only 25,000 total cards, making it the rarest GPK series on WAX so far.

Learn more about the Topps GPK Crash Gordon sale here.

Sales of NFTs on secondary markets are booming. BOOMING.

Now let’s take a look at what comes after all these instantly successful primary sales. That’s part of the beauty of NFTs — they continue to trade on WAX forever, generating revenue for the NFT’s creators in perpetuity.

Total sales volume on the top marketplaces has surpassed $1.7 million since May 2020:

Source:, 9/8/2020

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We’re just getting started. Here’s what’s next:

This is just the beginning. Much more is planned for NFTs on WAX, including:

New partners:

Topps GPK Series 2: Topps announced on NFT Day that the highly anticipated GPK Series 2 will launch soon

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