Celebrate 34 Years of The Princess Bride with Epic NFT Series

Now, we get to revisit the nostalgia and joys of the movie in the very first artistically reimagined Princess Bride Series 1 NFT collection on the WAX Blockchain — just in time to celebrate the film’s 34th anniversary.

It all starts on September 28 at 1:00 pm ET!  Relive the epic adventure featuring your favorite characters Buttercup, Westley, Inigo Montoya, Fezzik, Vizzini, and so many more.

A Royal Engagement

Let nostalgia run free with the heart-warming Princess Bride Series 1 collection on WAX and find the beloved characters in six (6) royal rarities, including:


50.22 % Chance


30.22 % Chance


14.89 % Chance


4.44 % Chance


0.22 % Chance


Bonus Cards

1 Series, 2 Drops

The Princess Bride Series 1 NFT collection comprises two (2) separate pack drops. The first releases on September 28 and the second on October 5 — each containing cards unique to their specific drop. This is great for Princess Bride enthusiasts and newcomers alike. There are only 900 Packs for each drop, so act fast to get yours! Find one of each common card to receive an ultra-rare Sketch card dropped into your wallet and show the world how serious you are about collecting!

Drop 1 – Pack


10 pre-minted NFTs

Drop 2 – Pack


10 pre-minted NFTs

The number of packs on sale is limited to 900 Packs for Drop 1 and Drop 2. This sale requires a credit card and a WAX Cloud Wallet account.

Join the Collector’s Challenge

Gather one of each unique Common The Princess Bride NFT (1st & 2nd drop) for a free exclusive pack airdrop on October 19th. Open it up right away to receive two of 10 ultra-rare Sketch cards. If you find all 10 unique Sketch cards from the Bonus Packs, you’ll be entered into a drawing on November 1st for a chance to win the 10,000 WAXP royal reward!

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An Epic Tale

The 1987 film takes us on a journey to a far-away land with giants, dangerous fire swamps, Rodents of Unusual Size (ROUS), villainous rulers and the unbreakable bonds of true love.

Quotable Characters

Even now, we catch ourselves drifting back into the recesses of our minds reliving hilarious quotes from the movie throughout our day-to-day lives — inconceivable! The brilliant and memorable one-liners have left an everlasting impact and now can be enjoyed all over again as NFTs on WAX!

A Classic Revitalized

Via the powerful NFT experience available on the WAX Blockchain, collectors and film buffs alike can revisit the emotional tale once again — this time, enhanced with brilliant effects and outstanding animations to bring your favorite characters to life like never before.

Unlocking the Potential of NFTs

WAX Blockchain technology empowers collectors to buy and trade digital Princess Bride Series 1 collectibles on WAX marketplaces, trade them with others and showcase their inventory on social media. The WAX Blockchain ensures your Princess Bride collectibles are 100% verifiable as authentic.

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