Your First Time Playing Brawlers? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Welcome everyone! We have finally made it to launch day and cannot wait for you to jump in and start brawling.

We will always make every effort to share the opportunities and obstacles of playing our game with you as we understand it. Also, we have always maintained that this is a desktop browser based experience at launch. It is the only platform that we are officially and fully supporting at this time.

All features and functionality of our Beta MVP are in and functioning at a high level — and will only improve over time.

We cannot wait for everyone to step into the ring to Play. Earn. Craft. Repeat!

We officially support the following desktop browsers: Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

What does this mean for those playing on a mobile device, through a web browser or on a phone or tablet?

While we do not officially support mobile devices at this time, the game does work to a certain degree. If you want to jump in and give our beta version a try, we highly recommend the following:

  • It’s best if you play in portrait mode.
  • Android users will have the best experience on a mobile device, especially if you use Chrome as your mobile browser.
  • You will want to ensure all pop-ups from our site are disabled.
  • If you don’t know how to whitelist our site manually or from within the game, the screenshots below will walk you through a step-by-step of the process.

Mobile iOS users are in for a slightly different set of experiences. You can play it on an iOS device, but you cannot swap out Rings after you get started on your iOS device. If you want to swap in a Ring of a different rarity, please do so on a desktop browser. This will mirror the desktop experience at some point, but on day one swapping out different Ring rarities does not work on Apple mobile products.

Mobile Browser Support

The product actually runs pretty well across the various supported browsers. From a player experience, Chrome is the best mobile browser we have found.

However, there is one Chrome issue we want to bring you up to speed on. You must make sure that pop-ups for our game/site are allowed. Doing so will ensure transaction confirmations are possible.

You can do this in Chrome (allow pop-ups in the game) a couple of different ways. You can whitelist the website manually in Settings > Content Settings > Pop-Up Blocker.

Additionally, you can do this from within the app. When the first transaction confirmation gets blocked, you will receive a prompt. From here, you can choose to “Always Show.” When you click “Always Show,” the website will be whitelisted.

Congratulations, you are off to the races! BUT, the transaction window will stay open. Just close that transaction window and go back to your BB game page and everything will work with little interruption.

Below are some screenshots to walk you through this process.

Clicking the “Always Show” blue text will whitelist our site. When the transaction window stays open, just close it. Your pop-up blocker settings will update and our site will be whitelisted so that you’ll be able to start playing.

If you want to manually whitelist our site, here is the flow on how to do this in Chrome. Doing this will allow the game to be played with minimal interruption:

Go to “Settings” > click on “Content Settings” > click on “Block Pop-ups” and then you will see a place to enter our site information. In the “Pop-ups Allowed” field just type in the following url: https://[*.]

If you are playing on Safari, things are somewhat similar in terms of needing to remove the pop-up blocker. After you allow pop-ups, there is one gameplay difference between Safari and Chrome.

After every Brawl, you will still be prompted to “Allow” the pop-up. You can complete every other action in the game without having to click “Allow,” but when you Brawl, Apple is going to prompt you.

Unfortunately, it’s more challenging to work with IOS, but we’re working around the clock to find answers for improving ease of use for players.

The following are screenshots for disabling pop-ups in safari on your iOS device.

Go to your app “Settings” > scroll down to find your “Safari” browser > if “Block Pop-ups” is on the field, it will be green and the white toggle button will be on the right hand side of the slider. To toggle, (click) it until the field is gray and the white button is on the left.

It should look like this:

After following these steps, while playing you will still see this prompt every time you Brawl, but you should be good to go. Just always make sure to click “Allow.”

And with that being said… GET READY TO BRAWL!!!

30, Mar 2022