Is Scotty OK?

Posted by JustMike

I saw Scotty Wideye out at the Arm Bar before the Feats of Greatness after party. He was drinking some Goldschläger. He was alone and looking down into his drink. Scotty seemed to be lost in thought, so I felt it best not to disturb him. But when he did not show up to the afterparty I got concerned.

I texted him several times, but he didn’t answer.

My fear is that if Scotty isn’t OK in the next seven days, the “Wideye Wonder’’ I used to know might be gone forever.

I wonder if somehow Johnny Dairy Digits had something to do with this…Johnny always contended that a creamy “Yellow” was better than cold “Gold” any day of the week…and he REALLY didn’t like Scotty calling him a #Butterface.

07, Jun 2022