What’s the Big Deal with Music Mogul Genres (and Why Do They Matter)?

Understanding how to effectively curate your Roster of Artists and build your music empire.

WAX Studios’ upcoming play-and-own Web3 game Music Mogul is getting ready to pump up the volume on the WAX Blockchain.

Pop Genre Artists have already made their big debut and our Hip-Hop/R&B Genre Artists are warming up their vocals for their big break. And that’s not all — three more awesome Genres will be dropping soon!

Music Genres refer to different styles of music and each one is an important aspect of communicating your Artists’ music to the masses. But there’s so much more to it than that.

Are you ready to take a look at why Genre matters to your Music Mogul gameplay experience and why you should start building out your Roster of Musicians?

As it turns out, each Genre has unique benefits to offer.

5 Genres Ready for the Limelight

Start building your music empire from the ground up by acquiring talent from all five (5) Music Mogul Artist Genres, including:

  • Pop
  • Hip-Hop/R&B
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Electronic Dance Music

Each Genre will have its own upcoming Pack sale featuring a set of 25 unique Artist NFTs, giving you the chance to have an abundance of variety and talent at your disposal.

If you want to be a big shot in the music biz, you’ll want to make sure to dabble in every Genre and continually expand your repertoire of Musicians to be as successful and profitable as possible.

All Together Now

As previously mentioned in the basic Music Mogul gameplay blog here, there will be two (2) modes of gameplay: Touring and Recording.

This is where the Genre of your Artists really starts to make a difference.

Touring with Talent

While Touring during PvE gameplay, you will be required to have Artists in specific Genres and Star Levels in order to send them out to earn Keys.

For example, you may need a Pop Genre Artist with a Star Power of one (1) to complete a Tour, while another may require you to have a Country Genre Artist with a Star Power of three (3).

And, the higher the Star Level requirement, the more Keys you will earn upon completion.

If you don’t have the required mix of music Genre and Star Power, you’ll miss out on all kinds of totally rockin’ opportunities.

Recording Records and Topping the Charts

The same rules apply when it comes to the PvP aspect of the game — Recording and Chart Topping.

Just as there are several unique Genres for you to dabble in, there are also unique Charts to match. Being the best of the best means having a wide variety of Artists in every Genre that will be able to compete in each of the categories.

To put it simply, a Country Artist can’t compete on the Hip-Hop/R&B Charts — that just wouldn’t make sense!

Essentially, the more variety you have, the more Charts you can compete on and the more Notes you can rack up. It’s also important to remember that each unique Artist can only be in one place at a time — Touring or Recording.

Hint hint: A larger lineup means you can accomplish more in a shorter period of time.

Strategize for Maximum Star Power

When it comes to curating your arsenal of Musicians, there are some important facts to keep in mind.

Firstly, no original Artists can be crafted. Any and all Artists are only obtainable from pack sales or when purchased on the secondary market. If you’re having trouble filling some gaps in your Roster, you’ll either need to pick up a pack or purchase them secondhand.

However, crafting is an important part of your Music Mogul journey. Each Artist has the potential to be anywhere from Star Power level one (1) to five (5). The good news is that you are able to craft higher level Artists from lower level NFTs.

It takes the perfect mix of all Talent Levels to become a leader. The more balanced your inventory, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn each week. Just be sure to leave a variety of Talent Levels in your inventory — lower levels still have a purpose all their own and aren’t to be underestimated!

Star Maker or Star Breaker?

Do you want to know how big of a Music exec you’re becoming?

Start tracking your potential for success today by checking out your Powerscore — this score will grow as you expand your Roster of Artists and level them up in the Star Maker.

Your Powerscore shows you how much Star Power your lineup has.

Reaching the top of the Powerscore leaderboards affirms that you have the potential to be one of the most influential Music Moguls in the game.

Get ready for the heat of the spotlight — now’s your time to shine!

Have questions or just want to chat with like-minded music enthusiasts? Check out the community Discord here!

14, Jul 2022