WAX vIRL Merch Hits the Market with Limited Edition Swag

If you’ve ever had the burning desire to buy some WAX swag that will make your friends envious, we’ve got some news for you.

Starting on September 29 at 1 pm ET, we are officially opening the doors to the WAX vIRL Merch Store, where you can find an assortment of WAX goodies from Printful.com to wear and/or use — such as T-Shirts, Hoodies, Socks and more. We’re talking about the opportunity to rep your favorite blockchain in style!

Plus, all of this merchandise will be sold as tokenized vIRL NFTs that can be redeemed for the physical product. It’s a double whammy — check it out!

A Triple Threat

To start things off on the right foot, we’re kicking off the launch of the vIRL Merch Shop with a limited set of vIRL Genesis Collection NFTs, including a Hoodie, a T-shirt and an Enamel Mug. These super special redeemable NFTs are designed by creative genius TheCheeseman and will be limited to 100 pieces only.

Plus, you can grab some Blockchain Brawlers Fire and Fury Hot Sauce to add a little extra spice to life here.

Pricing for the limited edition swag is as follows:

  • Hoodie — Retail Price: $49.99
  • T-Shirt — Retail Price: $29.99
  • Enamel Mug — Retail Price: $19.99

The tokenized clothing can be redeemed in a variety of sizes, ranging from Small to XXL. Each NFT will indicate its size as an attribute.

As far as shipping is concerned, we have made sure to only pick items on Printful that ship worldwide, so you can get your WAX swag from any corner of the globe.

Costs for product orders and shipping are included in the initial purchase. And, if you happen to purchase your NFT on a secondary market, you can avoid paying shipping fees altogether.

We really wanted to keep shipping prices reasonably low, and thanks to Printful having partners in Europe, they are able to do just that.

We’re likely to sell out the stock of 100 in a flash, so you’ll want to be ready to go on time!

But, don’t worry if you miss out or don’t see something you like — more is on the way. We have plans to bring additional items to the shop at a later date that will be available indefinitely, as well as other sales with more limited edition designs.

Get Yours Now

Want in on the action?

Get your vIRL Genesis Collection Swag here.

Get your Blockchain Brawlers Fire and Fury Hot Sauce here.

vIRL Redemption — How Does It Work?

Once you’ve purchased your NFT and you decide you’d like to redeem for the physical item, you will want to visit merch.wdny.io and follow the processes presented to you.

At the time of redemption, you will then be asked to enter your shipping address, and, if applicable, your desired size.

Please note — once the vIRL has been redeemed, there is no way to stop the process or to redeem it a second time. You can, however, trade, gift or sell the NFT on secondary markets if you so choose.

The time has come to make all of your friends jealous — don’t miss out on the chance at the limited edition NFT and swag wombo combo. And, as always, hit us up on Discord with your thoughts, comments or questions.

Happy shopping!

29, Sep 2022