Want to Play Blockchain Brawlers, But Don’t Know Where to Start? This Is How You Get in the Game!

A step-by-step guide to help you craft entry-level Brawlers and Rings for gameplay in WAX’s latest P2E experience

After months of anticipation, Blockchain Brawlers, the rowdiest play-to-earn game in the Metaverse, has gone live!

Players from across the globe are already jumping into the fun and earning some pretty serious BRWL and Gold NFTs.

If you’re completely new to the game, it’s important you know that every player is required to own one Brawler and at least one Common Ring to begin Brawling and reaping rewards.

How to Craft Your Very Own Scotty Wideye

Scotty Wideye is the entry-level Brawler that gives you the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet in the game. While he’s the most affordable, you can still expect plenty of rewards with him as your Brawler.

There are two ways you can get your virtual hands on a Scotty Wideye NFT — buying one on the secondary market and/or crafting your own.

The following tutorial reveals how to craft a Scotty Wideye within the Blockchain Brawlers gaming console.

While it’s super quick and easy to pick up a Brawler in the secondary market, crafting your own comes at a fixed cost (13 Gold NFTs + 5000 BRWL) and is pretty straightforward… more on this down page:

#1 — Create a WAX Cloud Wallet Account (if you don’t have one already)

Click here to create an account.

#2 — Transfer WAXP into Your Wallet (if you haven’t done it already)

Here’s a tutorial on how to buy WAXP and transfer it to your wallet.

#3 — Buy Some BRWL, the Official Token of Blockchain Brawlers

One of the easiest ways to get BRWL is to trade for it with WAXP on the Alcor Exchange.

Once you have WAXP in your WAX Cloud Wallet, all you have to do is sign in to Alcor by connecting your wallet, and you can use your WAXP to trade for BRWL.

#4 — Buy Six Gold NFTs Via Atomic Hub

Go to Atomic Hub and purchase Gold NFTs. Search for the best deal, and you’ll be on your way.

#5 — Sign in to Blockchain Brawlers

Click here to access the game and connect your WAX Cloud Wallet.

#6 — Click on the Crafting Option at the Bottom Center of the Game Console

You’ll quickly notice there is an option to craft (or obtain) a Scotty Wideye Brawler with thirteen (13) Gold NFTs and 5000 BRWL.

#7 — Select Scotty Wideye and Craft Away!

Once you have enough BRWL and Gold, you’ll be allowed to craft your very own Scotty Wideye for use in your very first game. You can use him for an unlimited number of games, as long as you have games left in your Ring (more on this next).

#8 — Craft at Least a Common Ring

Finally, you’ll need a ring in which to send your Scotty to Brawl. This requires two (2) Gold and 675 BRWL. Follow the same instructions in Steps 3, 4 and 7 to craft your Ring.

#9 — Go Brawl!!

Finally, select your Ring from your inventory, equip your Scotty into the ring slot and start Brawling!

Remember that once you put a Ring into gameplay, you can’t export it to sell in the secondary market. On the other hand, you can export your Scotty Wideye and do what you wish as time progresses.

Also, you can craft as many Brawlers and Rings as you’d like. The sky’s the limit!

Last Words

Of course, you can always buy both a Scotty (or another Brawler) and a Ring on the secondary market if you’d like.

We offer the crafting option because it puts you in the driver’s seat, as the amount of Gold and BRWL required are set in stone as the market fluctuates.

Happy Brawling!

07, Apr 2022