Get ready, something exciting is afoot!

As you may have heard, Scotty Wideye and Barry Greenhorn are gearing up for the ultimate tag-team. Together, these two are going to make some magic happen in the Ring.

For one weekend only, players can upgrade their Scotty Wideyes by burning them to turn them into Barry Greenhorn NFTs.

Scotty might be the everyman with a heart of gold, but with Barry you get the man with an eye for BRWL. Straight out of Last Chance, Iowa, he has that special something in and out of the squared circle — and it’s more than just his killer ‘stache.


Starting at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on Friday, May 6, Scotty Wideye owners can burn their existing Scotty Wideye NFTs as part of a crafting recipe to score a brand new Barry Greenhorn NFT.

This event will run for just 72 hours, ending at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on Monday, May 9.

The crafting recipe will be as follows:

  • Recipe Cost — 1 Unswagged Scotty Wideye NFT + 13,500 BRWL + 10 Gold

Important to note: Scotty’s that have been Swagged out cannot be part of this recipe. To be eligible your Scotty also has to be fully healed.


From a gameplay perspective, Barry generates significantly more net BRWL output per match than Scotty does during gameplay. However, he does not generate as much Gold.

This is a limited-time offer, so take advantage of this rare opportunity while it lasts.

Look for the main banner in the gaming console when the event goes live, and you’ll know exactly when to start.

05, May 2022