The Clock Is Ticking… The BRWL & Gold Countdown Timer Has Arrived

For the last two months, we have made a lot of in-game moves in an effort to bring equal parts supply and demand to the currencies that are being mined.

Over the last sixty days, we have made some aggressive moves to address Gold supply and demand. We now feel our efforts are rounding into form very nicely. Players’ numbers are climbing, while Gold levels are holding steady to shrinking slightly.

The Shift Begins Today

Starting today, that balance shifts and our focus turns towards increasing BRWL utility. We have maintained, and will continue to maintain, that the best experiences in this game will be driven and enjoyed by those that possess the most BRWL in their in-game inventory.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the official BRWL Countdown Indicator is live, and you can track it to understand how you’re progressing as a community toward the end of the current mining event.

Once the counter reaches zero there will be no more BRWL left to be mined. Instead, you will have to earn it through non-mining activities.

Non-Mining Blockchain Brawlers Activities Explained

This exponential growth in BRWL utilization will come mostly from PvP activities, but there will be some intermediate features and functionality added that will require BRWL

We are going to launch two important features that will be driven 99% by BRWL.

The first is a game store/marketplace where you can buy and sell your items directly in the game. Things such as over-the-top finishing moves, vicious throat-crushing clotheslines and humiliating taunts will be purchasable here.

The Cards to build your playing deck will also be purchased in the store with BRWL… and this is where it gets REALLY interesting.

We will not be selling all of these components for playing PvP, the players will.

Certain players will do so by taking part in our brand new crafting mini-game. In this new feature, coming early in Q3, players will obtain a special parcel of real estate which will allow them to become in-game Crafters.

We are only going to sell very few of these plots, and they will be highly desirable.

Once you have your pass to craft, you’ll attempt to craft a Pack that you can personalize four different ways and sell to ultimately every single player in the game.

The more you craft, the higher your crafting level will be. The higher you’re crafting level, the more likely Legendary assets will be in your Packs that you do craft.

You set the price, you are the producer, the game and its growth will be dependent on you.

This is going to be a very different crafting-meta game compared to the mining phase. There are way more details to come, but this is the most ambitious feature we’re building outside the actual PvP mode.

There are a ton of other things that will require BRWL in the future, and these two are just the beginning.

So here’s the best advice we can give you now — if you want to do any of these things, you’re going to need BRWL, and a lot of it.

We can’t wait to see how you help to grow the next stage of the game. We’re thrilled for you to be a part of it all!

14, Jun 2022