Shoulders & Spikes Swag Kits Are Here!

Only 150 Swag Kits available… and they’re gonna go fast!

It’s that time again — the next round of Blockchain Brawlers Swag Kits are getting ready to drop. Beginning April 28 at 7am EST, you have the chance to score a limited edition Shoulders & Spikes Swag Kit to adorn your Brawler with menacing spikes and chains.

Own a Common, Uncommon, Rare or Epic Brawler? Get ready to give ’em a don’t-mess-with-me-physique.

Sporting Shoulders & Spikes, you’ll be ready to wreak havoc and chaos in the ring with Swag Kit that would make even a stegosaurus jealous.

How to Get Yours

On April 28 at 7am EST, whitelisted wallets that hold a Pink BattleTag will have first dibs on the exclusive Shoulders & Spikes Swag Kits for the first hour of the promotion, then the remaining Kits will be made available to the public.

There are only 150 of the exclusive Kits available and we anticipate they’ll go fast as they are free to claim.

The snapshot for the whitelist will take place 24 hours before the drop at 7am EST. Following the giveaway, the Shoulders & Spikes Swag Kits will never be minted again.

Don’t miss out on this epic opportunity to make your Brawler look ridiculously cool — and literally tougher than nails. Anyone between 10 and two o’clock is gonna be in some serious trouble.

*Swag Kit giveaways are limited to one (1) per wallet. Additionally, Kits are not pre-minted, making them a mint-on-demand opportunity.

You can learn more about Swag Kits here.

26, Apr 2022