“PvP Phase” FAQs Part II: Everything We Know So Far

Last month, we rolled out a Blockchain Brawlers “PvP Phase” Best of Discord and Twitter post that addressed all of your most pressing questions regarding what will happen when the “Mining Phase” comes to an end.

Demand for answers is at an all-time high as our team gears up to release the anticipated “Player vs. Player (PvP) Phase” designed by “Magic: The Gathering” creator Richard Garfield.

As you’re aware, the Blockchain Brawlers crowd is very ROI-centric, which means our community has been compelled to ask amazingly important questions such as: Are there going to be leagues? Are there going to be tournaments? Are there going to be leaderboards? What are the prizes?

We’ve tried to answer them along the way the best we can, while working tirelessly to meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations.

This first release of FAQs provided players with a glance at what lies ahead, but it was just the tip of the iceberg.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most popular questions you’ve had for @JustMike over the past month.

Do you have any idea when the “PvP Phase” might launch?

Our plan is for the end of Summer 2022.

Will there be a free-to-play aspect in the “PvP Phase”?

Yes, players will be able to come in and play the game for free. While they won’t be able to win or earn anything in this mode, they can convert over to the play-and-own version at any time.

How can I take part in the Blockchain Brawlers closed beta testing?

There are certain roles within Discord you can access which will allow players to enter closed beta testing. If you’re a Blockchain Brawlers Ambassador or Pink Battletag Holder, those are the two groups we can say with certainty will be given access. Beyond that, we may give special access to a limited number of players.

How will user acquisition help the “PvP Phase”?

For any PvP game to be successful, it needs an abundance of players from all over the world. These players also need to be playing concurrently so that queue times don’t become an issue.

This then may lead you to wonder, how long a player should have to sit and wait before being matched up with another player? We believe only seconds. Everything that we are doing from a game standpoint is to allow as many players as possible to come into the fray.

We intend our audience acquisition phase to be extremely robust and to make the onboarding of new players intuitive and frictionless. In reality, we want 100k to 1 million daily active players who are competing at different levels.

The matchmaking phase will be stratified to ensure you don’t have to play someone who’s let’s say 10x better than you. You can match up with another player who’s on your level.

To establish short queue times, we may introduce limited windows for the “PvP Phase.” For example, most of our players are located in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America, so being available in those prime gaming slots and time zones would give more players the opportunity to match up with each other. We’ll have to run some tests, but this may be what will happen.

Where can I access Blockchain Brawlers news or announcements if I don’t use Discord or Medium?

We know our players play the game every day but you may not stay on top of everything that gets shared via Discord or Medium. That’s why on June 21 we will be incorporating a menu within the game that features up-to-date news and Brawlerverse happenings so you’ll never be out of the loop.

Will there ever be a mobile version of Blockchain Brawlers?

Yes, we plan on delivering a mobile app version of the game at some point in the near future. The goal is to have asynchronous backends, so there’s cross compatibility. That way, it won’t matter where in the world you are if you want to play Blockchain Brawlers PvP on your mobile device vs. someone on desktop. More to come on this front!

*Important Update* What happens if players mine the max supply of BRWL earlier than originally anticipated?

Originally, we told players that they would simply have to remain patient. However, since we are always building on our roadmap, the intent is to now give certain players something fun and of value to do in the interim — and that something is a crafting mini game where players who gain special access through a very limited NFT purchase can exclusively craft the items that every single player will need to participate in PvP. We know you will love and while the details are scarce at this moment, look for more news in July. The communication calendar for July will list all of the dates when these details and events are planned to transpire.

A Bigger, Better Brawling Experience

We spend every minute of every day thinking about this project. Honestly, we never stop.

If you look at the game and what it delivers today in terms of features and functionality, it’s much more robust than it used to be. The same mining mechanics are there, but now there are more players, exciting new upgrade paths, better messaging and UI, and an even greater community.

We can’t wait for you to see what’s ahead when the “PvP Phase” launches!

Additional details on PvP will follow. As always, keep your questions coming on Discord and Twitter.

And remember: Now is the time to continue stacking up that BRWL and Gold.

16, Jun 2022