New Brawl Limits Coming Soon

Brawlers, the time will soon come when we put a limit on just how much Brawling can be done over a 24-hour period.

Around 1 pm PT/4 pm ET on May 17th, we’ll push a new feature live that will limit the amount of Brawling a player can do in that timeframe.

It is a pretty straightforward integration of a Quality of Life feature we have heard our community request, and the way it works is simple.

Once this feature is live in our production environment, you can choose to “Brawl,” but you will not be allowed to do so until you opt into the Brawl Limitation Window.

This window will be in place for 24 consecutive hours after you opt in.

How Brawl Limits Will Work

During the next 24 hours you can Brawl like normal, with standard cool down rates and BRWL earning amounts/Gold drop rates applying. Once you have Brawl’d 16 times per slot, you will not be allowed to Brawl anymore until the window expires and you opt in again.

**Important** During this window, you will not be allowed to remove NFTs from the game and put them into your wallet for selling or trading. This messaging will be very clear when we ask you to accept these terms and conditions to Brawl going forward.

We are doing this because we realize that players that run scripts have an unfair advantage when it comes to resource generation, and we would like to limit the negative impact that bot farmers are having on your gaming experience.

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments posted in your social channels of choice.Respond

17, May 2022