New Blockchain Brawlers Avatar Naming Makes Gameplay More Memorable and Meaningful

When it comes to gameplay, we’ve always wanted you to have the most personalized Blockchain Brawlers experience possible.

Back in May, we gave players the opportunity to up the ante and take their individuality to the next level with our Avatar system, which features a collection of custom pictures and frames. Today, we’re taking things a step further with Avatar naming.

Customization is a cornerstone in engaging and satisfying gameplay, giving you much more scope to be creative and express yourself.

With this new feature, you’ll be able to determine what name is seen by other players and where they will appear in different areas of the game, too!

Get Ready to Flex on Your Friends (and Foes)

Beginning today, when you log in to play Blockchain Brawlers you’ll be able to associate a custom name with your account.

This will not only make logging into Leaderboards much easier, but it will also make flexing on your friends and foes that much sweeter.

Wouldn’t you rather view a Leaderboard packed with entertaining, unique names as opposed to a series of wallet addresses as you climb your way to the top?

You’ll also be able to select and attach a custom Avatar icon to your account name. This can be one of your favorite Brawler PFPs or any of the 16 default Blockchain Brawlers-inspired icons we have rendered for you.

These updates are guaranteed to turn a few heads! It’s time to customize your Avatars in ways that are fun and meaningful.

Introducing “Locked Frames” and AVI Icons

Lastly, we will also be introducing Avatar Frames you can attach in-game. The default frame of choice that all players currently have is the wooden frame.

There are a series of really cool “Locked Frames’’ and AVI Icons that will go up for sale in the coming weeks. You can purchase these additional frames with BRWL if interested.

These updates represent a huge step for us leading up to launching our in-game store and marketplace, where you’ll be able to buy and sell items that you own — bringing our player-to-player-driven economy full circle.

Prior to launching this marketplace, our new store interface will be up and running, so you can explore and shop in a variety of different ways using the BRWL you are currently mining.

Want to have the greatest gameplay experiences?

Be sure you are saving up your BRWL to prepare for what’s to come in the weeks and months ahead.

Have questions? Hit up our team on Discord here.

21, Jun 2022