Music Mogul Pack Sale Revamp

WAX Studios’ upcoming Web3 play-and-own game Music Mogul is well on its way to launching later this fall.

With that being said, our team is hard at work diving into the feedback provided by the community so that we can better prepare in bringing you a game experience that you’ll love.

We’ve already seen our first two Pack sales (Pop and Hip-Hop/R&B) take the spotlight — now, it’s time for us to revamp how we are approaching Pack sales to better fit your needs and address some concerns.

What’s Changing?

Originally, all Music Mogul Pack sales were to focus on one of the five Genres (Pop, Hip-Hop/R&B, Rock, Country and EDM) and supply a mix of 25 unique Artist NFTs in that specific Genre in each Pack.

As we come closer to the launch of the game, we will be shifting how we approach Artist Pack sales. We will now only be conducting one single sale, and the Artist Packs will contain one (1) NFT for the equivalent of $3 USD in WAXP.

To keep on trend with our original vision, we will still be selling Genre-specific Packs, but the card you receive will be randomly pulled from the remaining pool of NFTs available for that specific Genre.

We’re talking about any previously unsold Hip-Hop/R&B Artist NFTs (114,250 remaining) and all Rock, Country and EDM Artist NFTs that we had originally planned to sell (125,000 each).

Don’t worry, the rarity percentages have remained exactly the same as before, so you are no more or less likely to get a rarer card than when you could purchase a Pack of 25.

Will There Be More Sales?

Once the sale begins, it will continue to run until all Artist Packs have sold. After these have sold, there will be no additional Artist NFTs minted or sold until the following three conditions have been met:

  • The game is launched
  • All Artist NFTs from this batch are sold
  • The average floor price for a 1-Star Artist NFT on the secondary market goes above $3 USD

This directional shift in Pack Sale is designed to help ensure a healthier game economy and experience for all of you Moguls out there, allowing for future player growth while remaining mindful of pricing volatility. We sincerely hope this settles some nerves and gets you pumped up for the best music experience of your life!

This sale set to begin a couple of weeks before the official Music Mogul game launch in Fall ‘22.

We also want to thank those of you who have already purchased and hold Pop and Hip-Hop/R&B Artist NFTs. To show our appreciation for our early supporters, there is a special rewards program in the works just for you. Keep your ear to the ground — we’ll be providing details for this very soon.

Have questions or concerns? Keep the conversation going on the Music Mogul community Discord here.

25, Aug 2022