Music Mogul NPC Staff and Equipment Boost Performance in Recording Rooms

Learn how to boost Artist performance in Recording Rooms and take the lead on the Charts.

WAX Studios’ latest upcoming Web3 play-and-own game Music Mogul is warming up for its debut this fall. It’s nearly time for your Artists to steal the spotlight, and for you to really feel what it’s like to be a grade A music exec.

We’ve discussed the general idea surrounding Recording Rooms, and now, it’s time to deep dive into how NPC Staff and Equipment NFTs will boost your scores and help you on the road to fame and fortune.

Ready to Record

As a quick reminder, Recording Rooms usher in the PvP aspect of the game, where you’ll have the opportunity to assign Artists of varying Genres and Star Power levels to earn Notes and take to the Charts.

Here’s the catch.

There are two ways for you to boost the performance of your Artists and really make yourself known on the Charts — NPC Staff and Equipment NFTs.

Each of these are equipable NFTs that will provide you with multipliers for your Artist’s performance within Recording Rooms, potentially giving you an edge over other Chart competitors.

Here’s how it works.

Staff to Step Up Your Game

NPC Staff NFTs are sold in-game for Notes, a token that can be earned organically through sending your Artists to Recording Rooms or purchasing through an exchange.

To keep things interesting and have a nice flow of variety, the Roster of purchasable NPC Staff NFTs will refresh periodically throughout the day, roughly every few hours. So, if you don’t approve of the selection at your disposal, you can wait a short amount of time and check back for a different lineup later that day.

You also have the option to either immediately refresh the current lineup for a set amount of Notes, or get a sneak peek of what’s headed your way next for slightly fewer Notes.

Not seeing what you want, or don’t have the proper funds to purchase in the game? No worries, the NPC Staff acts as any other NFT and can be sold or traded through the secondary marketplace, giving you the ability to make the most of your Mogul experience.

As you add to your crew, you will notice that there are four (4) unique types of Staff Members to purchase:

  • Composer
  • Producer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Artist Manager

Once you’ve secured your Staff, you will be able to upgrade them through crafting, similar to how you upgrade your Artists. Each Staff member can reach a top level of four (4) and can be found in four (4) unique rarities:

  • Intern
  • Seasoned
  • Professional
  • Renowned

The greater the level and rarity of your NPC Staff, the greater the multiplier on your earnings.

Once you’ve placed your Artist into a Recording Room, you will have the ability to assign one of each type of Staff to a single Room. This means you can have up to four active Staff Members in any given Recording Room simultaneously.

The multipliers that they provide will vary from NFT to NFT — each NPC Staff card will have a specialty Genre in which the multiplier will have a greater effect, although a single NFT can boost several different types of Genres.

For example, one Staff NFT may have a greater boost value for the Pop Genre and a lower boost value for the Hip-Hop/R&B Genre or vice versa, so it will be imperative for you to strategize on how and where to place each of your Staff and Artists pairs to make the most of your time in the Recording Room.

Equipping Your Entertainers

Equipment NFTs are another way for you to increase your earnings and get ahead of the game.

Unlike the Staff cards, Equipment will be purchased through blind Packs, where you’ll receive a randomized mix of NFTs to use.

Once unboxed, you will be able to assign these NFTs to each Recording Room. There are a total of six (6) unique Equipment types, and there is a slot for each type in every Room — so you can have up to six pieces of Equipment on every single room, so long as there is no overlap.

However, every piece of equipment will have a set durability, and once it’s used up, your item breaks and disappears.

Please note that both NPC Staff and Equipment NFTs are only acquired in-game for Notes or purchased on the secondary markets. These will not be sold directly outside the game in Artist Packs or other primary sales.

With both NPC Staff and Equipment NFTs, there’s little that can stand in your way on your journey to the top of the Charts.

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18, Aug 2022