Music Mogul Jams Out on WAX with Sold Out Pop Artist Pack Collection

The ultimate Web3 music play-and-own game has taken center stage with the very first Music Mogul Pop Genre Artist Talent Pack sale, and it was a raging success!

A Standing Ovation

It all started yesterday with the very first Music Mogul sale seeing all 5,000 available Pop Artist Talent Packs gone in a flash, taking just under an hour to tick down to zero. Take a bow, that’s pretty phenomenal!

This marks the beginning of a new era for WAX Studios as it welcomes music lovers and strategy fans from across the globe.

Big Dreams, Bright Future

Got a Pack? Now, the spotlight shines on you. Start upgrading your roster with our Star Maker to build your music empire from the ground up. The time has come to begin your musical journey, recruit your talent and take the world by storm.

Did you miss out on our first sale? No worries! We’re just getting warmed up. Stay tuned for more exciting news — we’ve got a feeling there’s more talent out there looking for fame and fortune.

That’s right, we’re talking about more totally unique Pack sales heading your way. Rumor has it that new show-stopping personalities are about to make their debut.

Enjoy it, this is the show of a lifetime!

29, Jun 2022