Music Mogul End of Month Recap + What’s Next

Music Mogul has VIP tickets to take the spotlight as WAX Studios’ latest upcoming play-and-own Web3 tycoon game, where you can really feel what it’s like to run your own music empire.

It’s already been a wild ride and this August was no exception. Let’s look at everything that happened this month, and begin moving towards all the fantastic things headed your way!

Blockchain Gaming Redefined

We kicked off the month right by diving head-first into what makes Music Mogul stand apart from the crowd — and let us tell you, it’s a doozy!

The day the game goes live, you can expect to find a fully fleshed-out experience with PvPvP, rewards, strategy, a need for intentional decision making and loads of fun. No waiting around, no downtime, no point-and-click adventure.

This isn’t like every other blockchain game where you farm, earn, rinse and repeat. Instead, we dare to be different.

Get all the details here.

A Closer Look at Gameplay

We took things one step further by announcing two very impactful topics for gameplay: NPC Staff and Equipment NFTs.

Both NPC Staff and Equipment NFTs work as multipliers to increase your performance in the Recording Rooms. When it comes to Chart topping, you’ll want to ensure you have a healthy supply of these NFTs to help optimize your performance.

Take a close look — there are several rarities and styles to collect each of them in.

Purchase them in-game for Notes, buy them on the secondary market or trade them with your friends.

Get all the details here.

Pack Sales Revamp

We rounded off the month with an announcement to completely overhaul the Artist Pack sales mechanics.

Initially, every Genre had its own timed sale. Packs contained a mix of 25 Artists and cost the equivalent of $75 USD in WAXP.

Now, we are moving away from this structure and selling all of the remaining Genres simultaneously, alongside changes to the number of NFTs in each Pack, and the price each sells for.

Every Pack will now cost the equivalent of $3 USD in WAXP and will contain one (1) Artist NFT from the selected Genre. The remaining Genres include Hip-Hop/R&B, Rock, Country and EDM.

This sale will continue until all are sold, and no more will be minted until a few specific conditions have been met.

Get all the details here.

The Future is Bright

We aren’t stopping here. The game’s release is fast approaching and more news is well on its way.

Very soon, you will get a glimpse of a special rewards program for our early adopters. We want to say thank you to those that have been with us since the beginning, and we think you’ll love this program as much as we do.

Additionally, you can expect to see more news surrounding the official launch of the game. We’re targeting release sometime this October, so now’s the time to buckle down and bolster your Roster of Artist NFTs.

Keep your ear to the ground — the revamped Pack sale is queued to start a couple of weeks before the game goes live. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to get in on the game at an unbelievably affordable price.

All of this and more is heading your way. Are you as excited as we are? Join the conversation in the Music Mogul community Discord and meet up with other music enthusiasts just like you!

31, Aug 2022