Music Mogul Early Buyer Rewards Program

WAX Studios’ upcoming play-and-own game Music Mogul is on its way to the main stage this fall.

As we get closer to launch, we really want to show our appreciation for players that bought in early. That’s why we are gearing up to start a brand-new Rewards Program.

If you’re holding at least 25 Music Mogul NFTs and/or have a presence on the Powerscore Leaderboards, this one’s for you!

The Early Bird Special

As a huge “thank you” to those of you who had the enthusiasm and faith to buy music Mogul Packs early on, we will be handing out special Early Supporter Reward Packs during September.

Each of these Packs will contain one (1) single Artist NFT in a randomly selected Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B, Country, Rock or EDM.

These packs can be opened when the game launches. And, the distribution of rarities will maintain the same odds as the Packs purchased during a sale, so you’ll always have a shot at getting something awesome.

How Does It Work?

The rewards that you’re eligible to receive are based on your Powerscore Position on the Pop and/or Hip-Hop/R&B Charts. The higher your position, the more rewards you can expect to earn.

Additionally, anyone who is holding 25 or more Music Mogul Artist NFTs will receive one (1) Early Supporter Reward Pack in addition to any Powerscore Leaderboard position reward you may receive.

To keep things simple and fair, Packs will be distributed based on a snapshot every Thursday from September 8 through September 29 at 1 pm ET as follows:

Pop Powerscore Position & Rewards

  • Position 1 → 100 Packs
  • Position 2 → 75 Packs
  • Position 3 → 50 Packs
  • Position 4–10 → 25 Packs
  • Position 11–20 → 20 Packs
  • Position 21–50 → 15 Packs
  • Position 51–100 → 10 Packs

Hip-Hop/R&B Powerscore Position & Rewards

  • Position 1 → 20 Packs
  • Position 2 → 15 Packs
  • Position 3 → 10 Packs
  • Position 4–20 → 5 Packs
  • Position 21–50 → 3 Packs
  • Position 51–100 → 1 Pack

Please note that unopened packs will not count towards earning a Reward Pack.

Have questions or comments? As always, join the conversation on the community Discord here.

01, Sep 2022