Music Mogul Disrupts Blockchain Gaming with Updated Blueprint to Stand the Test of Time

WAX Studios redefines the rules for blockchain gaming with updated design and engaging playstyle

WAX Studios’ latest upcoming play-and-own game Music Mogul is gearing up to launch later this fall. With it comes a whole host of exciting gameplay, where you can form a Roster of Artists, send them on Tour, place them in Recording Rooms and claim your spot on top of the Charts.

But this is no ordinary blockchain gaming experience. Get ready for an engaging, strategy-heavy PvE and PvP game that dares to shake up the rules and bring you entertainment on a whole new level.

Diagnosing the Problem

We understand that you’re looking for a fun, entertaining and rewarding game — and we wholeheartedly believe that this is it. But we’re not just all talk. We’re here to prove to you how our game is different from the rest.

Generally speaking, the blockchain games that you’ve probably played up to this point have likely followed a common core gameplay design:

  1. Buy a basic item/tool/character.
  2. Slot the item/tool/character to farm/harvest/mine resources.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you’ve got enough resources to upgrade, craft or buy more items/tools/characters.
  4. Slot the upgraded/new items/tools/characters to farm/harvest/mine resources, now at a slightly higher/faster rate.
  5. Rinse and repeat steps 2–4.

You’ve seen it all before — titles such as Farmers World, Axie Infinity and the rest of the mining/farming/staking games tend to feel uninspired and dull as cut-and-dry experiences with little variety. But, Music Mogul is set to stand apart from the crowd, beginning with the fact that release day will provide players with a fully-featured, well-rounded game right off the bat.

This typical P2E game design is based on the idea that you start small by buying one or more NFTs (often at a high price) and then slowly building up your collection and resources. But, there are some blatant drawbacks to this playstyle:

  1. It is simplistic with little entertainment value from gameplay
  2. The design makes the economies inherently inflationary, which means eventually you get to a situation where there is an oversupply of items causing the economy to come crashing down.

This paradigm causes complications that other games have not yet been able to successfully rectify, likely because there’s no sustainable solution for this type of game design and economy.

But, with a game design overhaul and massive paradigm shift, we believe we can create a more well-rounded game economy and experience.

Dare to Be Different

With Music Mogul, we are building something completely different with 4 core goals for the game:

  1. Gameplay that consistently requires real and meaningful decision making with challenging choices. Every action you take has an element of risk and reward involved!
  2. PvPvP is the bread and butter of the game and focuses heavily on your decisions, ultimately becoming your primary way to earn.
  3. Making it so that players at all levels could meaningfully compete in PvPvP with a fair chance of doing well.
  4. Having all of these elements fully playable at launch.

As we iterated on the game design during development, it became clear that delivering this kind of game experience would require a completely different economy from what has become standard practice in the space.

PvP-centric games require a larger player base than single-player games. Because we are going to be fully featured from day one, in order for players to be able to have the best game experience, there needs to be a sufficiently large number of them ready to go with the necessary Artist NFTs to get started immediately upon launch. And, to make the most of the Music Mogul experience, players are going to want a wide variety of these NFTs in order to develop different strategies for how to perform best in the competition.

Deflationary Tactics

Selling a lot of NFTs and packs can result in a flooded market. To combat this, we decided to make the economy for the Artist NFTs deflationary via the upgrade crafting mechanic. This has the benefit of both reducing the supply and increasing the variety of NFTs.

To make acquiring a large number of NFTs affordable for players, we decided to sell them in large packs at a much lower price per NFT than other games where you’d normally start with one or a few items.

At $75 for a pack of 25 NFTs, you could purchase one pack in each Genre and have a robust Roster of Artists for a total of $375, about the same original sales price as a basic Blockchain Brawlers Starter Pack, but with more potential opportunity to earn more quickly.

However, we will be addressing concerns based on feedback provided by the community from our first two pack sales and revising the way future pack sales are conducted. Stay tuned for further information on how the pack sales will proceed — more details are on the way.

The deflationary Artist NFT economy design also has another benefit.

With traditional P2E game economies, if new player growth does not keep up with NFT supply growth from player activity, it is nearly impossible for the game operator to do anything to reduce the supply of NFTs and keep the economy balanced.

With Music Mogul’s design, since new Busking Beginner (1-star) Artist NFTs cannot be crafted and the NFT economy is inherently deflationary, it is much easier for us to balance supply and demand to player growth. New players will need to buy NFTs either from secondary markets or additional new pack sales.

Since we completely control new pack sales, we can judiciously control how many new Artist NFTs are introduced into the economy based on player growth and deflationary activity. This means we can keep oversupply from happening while also being able to keep entry price reasonable if there is an increase in the rate of new players entering the game.

Strategizing for Victory

As soon as the game launches, players will have to start strategizing and making dozens of decisions daily with their NFTs to try and maximize the performance of their Roster in the various weekly Chart based Leaderboard competitions.

At the end of each week, prizes in the form of Notes Tokens will be awarded to players based on their position on the various Leaderboards. Then, the Leaderboards reset and the competitions start all over again.

And, in case you think a 5-star Artist will provide you with the best performance on the Charts every week, think again.

Just like in the real world, an individual Artist’s performance on the charts will vary from week to week based on an algorithm designed to simulate the real world-ups and downs Artists’ songs have in popularity.

So, while a 5-star Artist who is on an upswing can help lead your Roster to victory one week, their inevitable (temporary) decline could weigh your team down in future weeks if you don’t take appropriate action at the right time.

Making the right decisions about who to put in the Recording Rooms and when will be the key to success on the Leaderboards. To maximize your options, you can either buy and hold a large Roster of Artists, or you can try to be really savvy about constantly buying, selling and trading Artist NFTs to try and get the right Artists at the right time for the right price.

We are very excited to watch Music Mogul come to life — there’s no doubt it will be a show-stopper! Have questions or concerns? Keep the conversation going on the community Discord.

11, Aug 2022