Music Mogul Answers Your Questions

WAX Studios’ latest play-and-own Web3 game Music Mogul is setting the stage for its big debut later this fall, where you’ll have the opportunity to really feel what it’s like to build your own music empire.

As we get closer, we want to cover our bases and ensure that we’ve answered as many pertinent questions as possible.

If you are unsure about anything Music Mogul, now’s your chance to get clarification. Check it out!

You Asked, We Answered

What is Music Mogul?

Music Mogul is a new blockchain game from WAX Studios, the creators of Blockchain Brawlers. It is a mogul/management simulation-style game where players compete against each other to create the most successful music empire.

What is a Play-and-Own game?

A Play-and-Own game is a blockchain game that puts a priority on delivering a fun and entertaining gameplay experience first and foremost, while also giving players true ownership of the in-game assets and tokens they buy or earn through play, so they can trade, buy and sell them with other players on secondary marketplaces outside the game.

What are Music Mogul NFTs and where can I buy them?

Music Mogul will have multiple different in-game items in the form of NFTs: Music Artists, NPC Staff and Equipment. There have already been initial pre-sales of Pop and Hip-Hop/R&B Artists NFT Packs, some of which may be available currently on secondary markets like Atomic Hub, Nefty Blocks or NFT Hive.

There will also be additional direct sales of Artist NFT Packs in the Hip-Hop/R&B, Rock, Country and EDM Genres later this year when the game is close to launching.

NPC Staff and Equipment NFTs will only be purchasable in-game with in-game currency you earn through play or purchase on exchanges such as Alcor.

When does the game go live?

Game development is currently tracking towards a launch sometime in fall of 2022.

How many Genres are currently in the game?

At launch, the game will have 5 different Genres of Artists to collect and Charts to compete on:

  • Pop
  • Hip-Hop/R&B
  • Country
  • Rock
  • EDM

What are Recording Rooms?

Recording Rooms are where you place Artist NFTs to generate Notes (in-game currency) and earn points towards Chart positions each week. Based on the Chart positions of the Artists you have placed in Recording Rooms during a given week, you will receive aggregate scores for your active Recording Roster which will determine your position on various Leaderboards vs. other players.

Players will earn additional Notes each week based on their Leaderboard position.

What is Touring?

Instead of putting an Artist into a Recording Room, you can choose to send them on Tour instead. There will be a variety of Touring performance options available with specific criteria which must be met. If you have an Artist which meets the criteria, you will be able to put them on Tour to earn Keys (in-game currency).

Touring performance options available will refresh regularly and different options will take different lengths of time.

What are NPC Staff and Equipment NFTs?

NPC Staff and Equipment NFTs provide a boost to the performance of your Artist NFTs in Recording Rooms.

NPC Staff have affinity to specific Genres of music, so it’s important that you match the right NPC Staff to the right Artist to maximize your boost.

Equipment is not Genre specific, but has limited use before it breaks and is no longer usable.

Will more game modes be added at a later date?

It is yet to be determined what (if any) additional game modes will be added. As with any ongoing live-op game, we will evaluate player behavior in-game to help inform decisions we make about how we may make the game more enjoyable and engaging.

Will more Genres be added to the game?

Possibly, like with additional game modes, decisions regarding this will be informed by actual in-game player behavior we observe after the game is live.

What in-game items do I need to get started?

You can start playing the game with just one (1) Artist NFT, but that means you won’t be able to utilize all the Touring and Recording Room options available to you, and your progress will be slower than if you have a variety of Artist NFTs at your disposal.

What are potential in-game rewards I can earn?

Through gameplay, you can earn Notes (in-game currency withdrawable as a fungible token) and Keys (in-game currency withdrawable as an NFT). These currencies can also be used to buy Staff NPCs or Equipment which you can withdraw as an NFT to re-sell to other players.

Is there a dedicated token? If so, how do I get it? Will it be listed on exchanges?

There will be fungible token called Notes which will be listed on DEXs such as Alcor and Taco Swap. We will also make efforts to get it listed on centralized exchanges.

However, centralized exchanges make their own decisions as to whether they will list a token or not, so we can’t make any guarantees with regard to those at this time.

How is my Leaderboard score calculated?

This is still being finalized. In the process of game development, balancing and finalizing scoring systems is the last piece of the puzzle.

To whom can I reach out for a marketing proposal and partnership?

You can reach out to

Should I be blending or should I wait until the game comes out to see what the best move will be?

It will be up to each individual player to determine what strategy they want to employ when managing their Artist Roster, including whether to blend or not.

In general, however, the more Artists you have in different Genres at different Star Levels, the more opportunities in Touring and Recording for Chart Position on different Leaderboards you will have.

The move could possibly be to blend some, but not all.

Will you mint more Pop NFTs, or how will you have extra Artists minted?

One priority for us with all our games is to keep the economies balanced — we want to stay away from rapid price appreciation caused by too much demand and not enough supply, followed by an immediate turn and even more rapid decline in price.

The initial mint will be 137,500 Artist NFTs in each Genre, plus enough to cover the early adaptor rewards (see link here for more details). Once those are all sold/distributed, there will be no more Artist NFTs minted until the average secondary market floor price for 1-Star Artist NFTs exceeds $3 USD.

At that point, we will monitor net inflow of new players and only mint and sell new Artist NFTs if it appears there is not enough supply to meet demand and there is risk of market prices rapidly overheating.

How many Rooms will be available and does the number of Rooms change when it refreshes periodically?

The exact number of Recording Rooms available at one time is still being finalized as part of the balancing process.

As Recording Rooms do not have specific requirements with regard to Artist Genre or Star Level, they will not need to refresh like Tour performance options. Any unoccupied Recording Rooms can be used as long as you have the Keys necessary to cover the cost of utilizing it.

When an occupied Recording Room becomes unoccupied, it can immediately be used again as long as you have the necessary Keys.

How many total Staff NPC NFTs will be available to buy?

There will be 80 different Staff NPCs available across four (4) different disciplines (Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer and Artist Manager), so 20 in each. Each NPC will also have four (4) different experience levels. Lower level NPCs can be blended into higher level ones, or you may get lucky and find a higher level NPC available for purchase in the shop.

Why is it important to participate in all Tours?

The more Tours you participate in, the more Keys you will earn. Keys are necessary to participate in Recording Rooms.

Will there be the option to translate the game to be readable and playable in other languages?

We will be launching the game in English, but are building in the hooks necessary to add additional language support at a later date.

Why is the supply of NFTs so high?

The game was designed with the idea that players will need to hold a variety of Artist NFTs in order to maximize their performance. If you have played fantasy sports management sim games, you will be familiar with the concept of having a large roster from which you select a set of active players each week (based on which you think will perform the best during that period) and then competing against other players rosters on leaderboards. It is a similar concept here with Recording Rooms and Chart position Leaderboards.

In addition, we have blending to allow players to craft higher level cards that consume lower level ones, so over time, the number of total Artist NFT cards from the original mint and sales still in existence will decline.

Based on these two factors, we estimated the total supply in the initial mints would be enough for around 5,000 to 10,000 total players.

Final Thoughts

We’re really getting hyped up to see all of you Moguls rock the world!

Did we miss anything? If you have more questions, comments or concerns, join the conversation on Discord and connect with other music enthusiasts just like you.

14, Sep 2022