Music Mogul Answers “Why a Tycoon Management Style Game?”

WAX Studios latest play-and-own Web3 tycoon game Music Mogul is getting even closer to officially launching, and you’ll be able to really feel what it’s like to build and run your very own music empire.

But, why did we choose to go with a music-based tycoon/management game?

Today, we break down the thought process behind Music Mogul and why we believe it is the right move to bring you an entertaining and engaging game that you’ll love for years to come.

The Tycoon Genre With a Twist

Tycoon and management games bring a sense of familiarity with them. For years, we’ve been enjoying games such as Football and Baseball Manager, Fantasy Sports and investment simulators like Hollywood Stock Exchange.

In fact, this game genre is among the most popular in the world — and for good reason. There’s something deeply satisfying about building an empire, relying on strategy and climbing your way to the top.

Knowing this gave us the base layer for the game — but, we also need engaging subject matter. This is where music comes into play.

There is little on this planet that moves people quite like music does, and it’s this fact that makes it one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

Although there are other music-type tycoon games, there is one major factor that makes our game stand out from the crowd. It boils down to the fact that no other music tycoon game has presented players with a PvP component that lets you test your skill against other users.

We saw this as a huge missed opportunity for the other music tycoon games. After all, the music industry is one of the most competitive entertainment industries out there with artists perpetually clawing their way towards fame and fortune through various charts, touring and becoming influencers on social media.

So, we took all of these ingredients and brought them together to create Music Mogul — it starts with the tycoon-style of managing your Artists career by sending them on Tour and pairing them with the right support Staff to optimize performance, followed by the ability to manage your Roster and head into PvP like you would in Fantasy Sports — then, we top it off with investment sim-style gameplay that focuses on the correct timing of buying and selling Artists on the marketplace with other players.

All of these components coalesce brilliantly to create well-rounded and engaging gameplay that is designed to stand the test of time.

But, what do blockchain and Play-and-Own add to the equation?

Real stakes. When you put your Artists on Tour or in Recording Rooms, you are earning in-game items you can trade, buy and sell with other players. And, the better you perform against other players, the more of these in-game items you earn.

Since the in-game performance of Artists will go up and down over time, the secondary markets provide another strategic gameplay element as players try to better predict the ups and downs of Artists to time buying low and selling high.

We truly can’t wait for Music Mogul to go live so you can see all of this for yourself. Are you pumped up? Hit us with your comments and questions in the community Discord and join the conversation.

20, Sep 2022