Introducing Blockchain Brawlers’ Summer Block Party

BRAWL-O-SEUMS, Legendary Brawlers & more up for grabs in the Brawlerverse’s biggest party ever!

The fun starts on Friday, August 12!

A special thank you contest JUST FOR PLAYERS, we here at Blockchain Brawlers present our first-ever Summer BLOCK Party.

As we count down to the launch of PVP mode…and as you go about trying to stay cool during these HOT August days, we wanted to give you a way to do all of the following:

  • Take in all the news about new Blockchain Brawlers features.
  • Meet your WAX Ambassadors — fellow WAX and BCB fans just like you.
  • WIN some cool prizes just for being part of the fun.

Every week of this event, we’ll be sending out breaking news, videos and info to WAX’s Ambassadors. As you visit their Twitter, YouTube and Twitch sites to read the latest, you’ll rack up entries that could get you some cool prizes from BCB and WAX.


Visit WAX Ambassadors and learn about what’s coming for BCB for your chance to win.

  • Every Friday visit our Summer BLOCK Party contest page on Bounty Blok to see that week’s entry methods.
  • Visiting Ambassador’s sites, watching videos, entering secret code words and other tasks will rack up entries in the weekly giveaway.
  • Complete all the tasks you can by Thursdays at 11 pm PST.
  • Between Thursday night and Friday, we will reset the tasks and post the weekly winners.

Note: Guidelines subject to change and subject to our terms of service.


BCB Miners become Major Partiers!

This party is for current Blockchain Brawler Players only.

The Mining Badge NFT you received for playing during the mining phase has benefits — it acts as the ticket to participate in our Summer BLOCK Party.

Specifically, when we draw weekly prize winners, your wallets will be checked to confirm you own the Mining badge. Only wallets with Mining Badges will be eligible to participate.


Every week the official Summer BLOCK Party prize pool will include:

  • 2 Platinum Brawl-O-Seums
  • 1 Legendary Brawler
  • Tons of Swag Kits
  • …and maybe some surprise mystery items!

Also, look for individual WAX Ambassadors to be giving away some gifts of their own!


  • Flash your Mining Badge and WAX Cloud Wallet at the door.
  • Visit the contest page every week.
  • Meet new Ambassadors.
  • Learn about PVP Mode and all the cool stuff Blockchain Brawlers has in store.
  • …and maybe win some cool prizes!

See you on the Body Slam Bay Beach on Discord!!!

08, Aug 2022