Get Ready… the Most Epic Scotty Burn Is Coming Today!

Welcome Brawlers to our second Scotty Wideye burn event beginning today at 10 am PT/1 pm ET and ending June 21 at 10 am PT/1 pm ET! This event promises to be the biggest and the best burn event yet.

We want to take this opportunity to walk you through the five major improvements that this event will have, compared to the last.

Improvement #1

The last burn event took place over a weekend in early May, and there was a very vocal group that said there was not quite enough time to gather the resources to take part. Well, this will be our biggest burn event to date, lasting seven days, giving you plenty of time to get your Gold and BRWL ready!

Improvement #2

In the last event, we had one size fits all pricing, but this time we will offer three different ways to upgrade your Scotty. These recipes will be a balanced mix of BRWL and Gold NFTs, a very Gold-heavy recipe and a very BRWL-heavy recipe.

By heavy, we mean the predominant materials will be either BRWL or Gold and a minimal amount of the other resources. Of course, all of these recipes will also require Scotty Wideye to be part of the recipe like last time.

Improvement #3

Unlike last time, you could only use OG Scotty, but this time we wanted to allow you to use any Scotty as part of the recipe. Yes, this means even Swagged out Scotties in the form of Neon Freak, Shoulders and Spikes, Military Muscle, Living Dead and more.

Improvement #4

The recipe last time was retail priced. By this, we mean it was the Barry crafting cost minus your Scotty. The delta on those materials was the price to get a new Barry. This time we’re offering a discount in the form of a lower overall cost. Here are the three different prices to upgrade your Scotty.

  • Balanced Recipe — 6,625 BRWL and 5 Gold
  • BRWL Heavy Recipe — 9,500 BRWL and 2 Gold
  • Gold Heavy Recipe — 875 BRWL and 12 Gold

Improvement #5

We saved the best improvement for last. This time you may not be burning your Scotty for Barry — you have a good chance at getting something even better!

We now make every crafting chance a “dice roll” to get a better rarity, this includes a chance to get a Legendary Rusty Klutz or the first crack at the new and highly desirable Patriot Power Swag Kit!

Here are the odds:

  • Barry Greenhorn 69%
  • Johnny Butterfingers 23%
  • Colt Tenderfoot 6%
  • Patriot Power Swag Kit 1.9%
  • Rusty Klutz 0.1%

If you want a chance to get your hands on the ultra-rare Patriot Power Swag Kit, the giveaway competition is going live in tandem with the burn event. Get in on the action here!

As always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out via the channels of your choice. And don’t forget, the event begins today and ends on June 21!

Good luck to all, and happy burning!

14, Jun 2022