El Luchador Swag Kits Are Here!

Only 150 Swag Kits available… and they’re gonna go fast!

It’s that time again — the next round of Blockchain Brawlers Swag Kits are getting ready to drop.

Beginning tomorrow, you have the chance to score a limited edition El Luchador Swag Kit! Are you ready to pull out all the stops and mask up your Brawlers like a legit luchador?

Now’s your chance to experience the thrill of donning an alter ego on your quest to reign supreme in the Ring.

Own a Common, Uncommon, Rare or Epic Brawler? What about a legendary Rusty Klutz Brawler or an Artifact Brawler like Mike Yellerbelly? This is one extravagant Swag Kit that is bound to strike fear into your opponents hearts. If they try to take your mask off, you know what you’ve gotta do!

How to Get Yours

On July 28th starting at 2pm EST, 140 El Luchador Swag Kits will go up for sale at 1K BRWL each on a first-come, first-served basis.

We’ve teamed up with NeftyBlocks to utilize their NFT drop tool! This is the first time ever that Swag Kits can be purchased with BRWL as a payment method. You can buy yours here.

The remaining 10 Swag Kits will be distributed as follows:

There are only 150 of the exclusive Kits available and we anticipate they’ll go fast! Following this drop, the El Luchador Swag Kits will never be minted again.

Don’t miss out!

*Swag Kit sales and giveaways are limited to one (1) per wallet. Additionally, Kits are not pre-minted, making them a mint-on-demand opportunity.

You can learn more about Swag Kits here.

27, Jul 2022