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Understanding the Difference Between Native BRWL & ERC-20 Tokens and How to Transfer BRWL to ETH on WAX

WAX’s rowdiest play-to-earn (P2E) game Blockchain Brawlers is heating up, and before you know it you’ll be earning BRWL left and right.

To help you make the most of your Brawlerverse experience, we first want to make sure you understand the differences between earning BRWL in gameplay and purchasing BRWL on exchanges such as OKX and Alcor.

BRWL earned while playing the game is always a native WAX token. However, BRWL bought on exchanges may be either WAX native token or the ERC-20 token, which requires that you pay attention to which version of BRWL you are buying.

For example, BRWL on OKX* is an ERC-20 token, while BRWL on Alcor is native BRWL.

*Please note that OKX is currently not available to US residents.

How to Use ERC-20 Tokens in Gameplay

In order to make your ERC-20 tokens compatible with Brawlers gameplay, you will need to utilize the MetaMask bridge in the WAX Cloud Wallet and swap the tokens for BRWL.

It’s important to follow these steps to ensure you do not send your ERC-20 tokens to a non-ERC-20 wallet address, which could cause compatibility issues.

The following instructions will help guide you through the process:

1. Log in to your WAX Cloud Wallet

2. Click on “ETH Bridge” from the left menu bar.

3. If you have not already installed MetaMask, you’ll be prompted to do so. On a mobile device? You can use WalletConnect to open the MetaMask app.


4. Once connected, if you have ERC-20 tokens they will be displayed on the screen.

5. Choose the Ethereum network to begin swapping your tokens from ERC-20 to native BRWL.

6. Select your Ethereum wallet address (From), ERC-20 tokens (Assets) and your WAX Cloud Wallet address (To) from the drop-down menus.

7. Then, to initiate the swap, select how many of your ERC-20 tokens you want to transfer from Ethereum to WAX and click “Deposit to WAX.”

8. Once the swap is initiated, it may take a few minutes for the Ethereum network to process your transaction. You can check the status on the “Activity” tab of MetaMask.

9. After the transaction has been solved on MetaMask — Ethereum network, go to your WAX Cloud Wallet and click on the “Claim” tab to check the status of the bridge. After the process is done, your balance will be updated on WAX Cloud Wallet.

Similarly, we want to make sure you avoid sending your native WAX BRWL tokens to OKX or Alcor without bridging them first.

Bridging Native BRWL to ERC-20

Need to swap your BRWL back to ERC-20 tokens? The process is similar to the instructions listed above.

Follow steps 1–4 exactly the same (and mirror step 5).

On step 6, select your WAX Cloud Wallet address (From), the BRWL tokens (Assets) and the Ethereum wallet address (To) from the drop-down menus.

Then on step 7, fill out the opposite field with the desired token amount to exchange and click “Withdraw to Ethereum.”

Once the transaction has been finalized, your BRWL will be on its way in just a few minutes! This is just one more way that you can play your way.

Leveling Up Your P2E Experience

Play-to-earn gaming has never looked this good or been more exciting!

Blockchain Brawlers is among the first of its kind to bring players a vast tokenomic structure outside its native environment, allowing users from other platforms to take part in the Brawlers journey with ease.

This technology is revolutionizing how we see P2E games evolving on WAX and beyond by opening up an endless world of possibilities. Get out there, Brawlers!

28, Mar 2022