Blockchain Brawlers Weekly Highlights

Hey, Brawlers!

We want to keep you all in the loop with the happenings of the BCB universe, and this week is so loaded with good stuff coming your way that we wanted to release a special weekly roadmap for the game.

What to Expect

First things first — an update on Loadouts, AKA — Inventory 2.0.

We have now fixed that pesky bug tied to Taunts (I’m looking at you, Teabag!) not behaving properly and this unbelievably dense feature is in its final testing phase in our staging environment.

Expect this to be deployed for all to use on Wednesday late afternoon Pacific Standard Time, and remember to stay tuned to your normal channels for the exact timing updates. After this goes live, you will be required to play exclusively with your assets.

Additionally, Matchmaking Rating (MMR) has been fine-tuned through its testing paces and will go out at the same time.

*Please note, the former location known as “Room 1” is now called “Room 2: Ranked Match”.

In its simplest form, here’s how Matchmaking Rating works.

Everyone will start with the exact same rating of 1000. Each time you win, you will gain MMR points. When you lose, you will lose MMR points.

If you beat a higher rated opponent, you will most likely get slightly more MMR points — and, if you beat a significantly higher rated opponent, you’ll get even more points. Losing works the same way. Right now, there will not be any logic tied to ranked bands. In the future, there will be. For now, there is little/no separation as building this was not a priority.

We will be monitoring this utilization closely as we do not want people to game the system. If you quit a match at any point, it will go down as a loss. If you beat the same person repeatedly, that will have an impact of diminishing returns as well. Future tournaments will use MMR scores to handle event seeding of the top 64 players.

On Wednesday, we will also be raising the withdrawal fee for BRWL from your in-game account into your wallet back to the 8% it was before the Virl Market went live in-game.

For more fun news, at 1 pm PST today, we will be selling our next Swag Kit “Rasslin’ Royalty”. This kit looks incredible and comes replete with a crown, baller shades, and a flowing cape. Once equipped, you will not only get your 2x NFT Power Score boost, but you can take this rig into your match in the PvP mode. The price will be the $9.95 per kit and we will only be accepting WAXP.

These Swag Kits will be sold without limits. The ability to swag your Brawler will be back live in the game on November 22 promptly at 1 pm PST.

Ready to look the part in the Ring? Visit here to purchase your kit.

We also anticipate BRWL staking in a match to be live this coming Friday. Exact time is TBD. These types of matches will come in four varieties.

You can pick a set amount in three different rooms or you can choose a custom amount for the Host/Join matches. If you quit a match at any point, your opponent will get your staked amount credited to their account.

Matches that end in a tie will result in the staked amount being returned to the players. Your MMR will not get credited in any of these staked rooms.

These amounts don’t work with your risk profile? Just head to the VIP Room and play for an agreed upon custom amount. Both sides must opt in to the staking amount, and there is a minimum of 500 BRWL staked per player to use this room. Right now, you can only stake BRWL — but, in the future, you will be able to stake other NFTs from any collections.

This week, we are also going to try and sneak in a couple of nice Quality of Life features. The first is bulk deposits from your wallet into your in-game inventory. Just like we did with bulk “Exporting” and “Select All”, we are going to do the same with bulk “Importing”.

If you are a floor sweeper or just want to go on a shopping spree, this is the feature you have been waiting for. We love to save our players time and clicks.

We are also in the final approach to land BRWL purchases with a credit card through our payment provider Banxa. Both of these features are dependent on some things breaking correctly, but they are coming to BCB in the not-too-distant future, possibly even this week.

And, as always, the pursuit of addressing all bugs is a never-ending process. This will continue as long as it needs to.

We do appreciate hearing from you, so if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please reach out through your various means of communication. You are always welcome to ping @justmike in our Discord channel for a more direct and (possibly) timely response.

Happy Brawling!

15, Nov 2022