Blockchain Brawlers WAX Wednesday Twitter Spaces Recap

Hey, Brawlers!

Several big news items came out of the WAX Wednesday Twitter Spaces and we are here to catch you up if you did not have the chance to listen to the broadcast.

What to Expect

We kicked things off with news that PvP is nearly completed and gearing up to go live on November 1. The only piece that will not be available at that point in time will be BRWL earning capabilities between players, which will become available the following week at the earliest.

With Halloween just around the corner, we also thought it would be a fun addition to have the ability to Brawl with any Brawler wearing a Living Dead Swag Kit. Get ready for spooky season in the Ring with your Series 1 Swagged out NFTs.

Speaking of Halloween, there was a brief discussion around a free-to-join October Halloween PvP tournament. The winners will get highly customized prizes and, so far, 120 players have signed up. The event begins Sunday morning at 10 am PST/1 pm EST — register here.

But, the news doesn’t stop here. The team took a look into the next few months of the Blockchain Brawlers roadmap and shared their desire to release Series 2 NFTs, which would include female Brawlers, as well as a “Free to Try” mode where anyone could come in and try the game out on a limited basis.

To wrap it up, Mike and Lee discussed the importance of features such as BRWL and NFT purchase flows tied to an individual’s credit card and how this, along with Starter Pack bundles (on sale Tuesday, November 1), will smooth out the onboarding for first-time players to jump in and get Brawling with the cagey ol’ vets that are currently in the community.

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27, Oct 2022