Blockchain Brawlers ver 0.7.0

Patch Notes

As we march closer and closer to the PvP version launch, Blockchain Brawlers continues to evolve in order to ensure that you have the best possible player experience for our community.

Today, all of these updates have entered the Ring, including new Brawlers, Swag Kits and crafting recipe updates.

The following 0.7.0 changes have been released:

  • Artifact Brawlers (Mike Yellerbelly) and Artifact Rings (75 uses) now live and usable in the game. All Swag Kits are backward compatible and usable on the new Brawlers. Artifact Brawlers don’t require healing and earn 8 gross BRWL base per Brawl.
  • Crafting recipes for all Swag Kits dropped to 1000 BRWL and 2 Gold across the board.
  • Rusty Klutz, a new Legendary is now available to be played.
  • The Living Dead and Military Muscle Swag Kits are now available to be used via the crafting recipe.
  • Artifact Rings can now be crafted at the recipe cost of 375 BRWL and 1 Gold.

Keep your eyes peeled for more changes down the road, and as always, let us know of any questions you might have in our Discord.

Happy Brawling!

25, May 2022