Blockchain Brawlers Tokenomics: The Fee and your Power Score

We said a while back that Series 1 NFTs mattered in more ways than most people thought, in terms of contributing to your success when playing Blockchain Brawlers. Most people think “Oh I have a legendary I will curbstomp everyone”. This is not the case and never has been. On this we’ve always been clear.

Where we have not always been clear though, is how, where and when the owners of the best quality (Series 1) NFT Brawlers (and in the highest quantity) will they have any kind of advantage. One such way is the upcoming, recently announced “Brawl for All” mode coming before the end of the year.

The other way is what fee the operator will get during each PvP match, where BRWL is involved. Here we are detailing the official “Fee Bands” which will be taken out of the prize pool, before any distribution takes place.

Just a quick upfront explanation of what a “fee” is. The fee is essentially a portion of winnings the operator takes from any proceeds, standard practice to offset the costs of facilitating the game.

How is an individual’s fee determined? It’s simply based on their NFT Power Score. And what drives the NFT Power Score is the quality and quantity of their Brawler NFTs. The fee taken per match will be broken down into bands.

As a reminder, here is the Power Score value of each Brawler

Value of Brawlers

Legendary Brawler — 2,100 points (recently upgraded from 468.75)

Epic Brawler — 187.5 points

Rare Brawler — 75 points

Uncommon Brawler — 30 points

Common Brawler — 12 points

Artifact Brawler — 5 points

Every swagged out Brawler has their value doubled. By way of example, a Scotty Wideye in the Living Dead swag kit is worth 24 points, not 12. You are going to want to own a Living Dead brawler.

Here are the Rankings Bands and their respective Fees

Top Ten Power Score = 3% fee

Players ranked 11th thru 100th = 5% fee

Players ranked 101st thru 250th = 6% fee

Players ranked 251st thru 500th = 7% fee

Players ranked 501st thru 1000th = 8% fee

Players ranked 1001 thru 2000 = 10% fee

Players ranked 2001 thru 5000 = 15% fee

Players ranked 5001 and up = 20% fee

The fee percentage will be captured every day at 00 UTC, and be locked in for the next 24 hours. To view your place on the leaderboard, just visit Power Score Leaderboard. These bands are subject to change as we continue to on board more and more players in the coming months. We will broadcast any changes in the tiers well in advance of that taking place.

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11, Oct 2022