Blockchain Brawlers: The Race is On

After studying the gameplay and tokenomics in action for the past month since launch, we are now ready to announce our plans to take Blockchain Brawlers to the next level.

Below is a summary of what is to come.

  • This week, the max supply of BRWL tokens is being reduced by 99.9% from 1 trillion BRWL tokens to only 1 billion BRWL tokens.
  • The current gameplay experience we have all been enjoying shall now be referred to as the “Mining Phase” as players continue to race to mine the limited max supply of both BRWL and Gold (Gold will cease to drop once the maximum BRWL supply has been reached).
  • Once the max supply is fully mined, the game will transition to the “Player vs. Player (PvP) Phase” designed by “Magic: The Gathering” creator, Richard Garfield.
  • The “PvP Phase” will be a ground-breaking play-to-earn experience that requires your Brawlers and resources earned from the “Mining Phase” (including both BRWL and Gold). It will feature innovative non-inflationary game mechanics.

It’s hugely important to note that this change will not affect your current gameplay experience until the max supply cap is reached and, with our innovative player-vs-player (PvP) design, this supply will be more than sufficient to support Blockchain Brawlers’ roadmap and feature set for generations to come. Additionally, the current token allocation of the BRWL token supply will remain unchanged at 80% for in-game use and 20% for studio and ecosystem use.

The race is now on to reach the max supply in order to unlock the “PvP Phase” in which players will use their Brawlers and resources earned in the “Mining Phase” to go head-to-head against other players. Our fierce PvP competitions will feature gameplay focused on reaching the broadest possible mainstream audience.

So, it’s time for players to HODL their scarce Blockchain Brawlers assets and resources because they will be needed for our upcoming PvP experience from one of the most famous game designers of all time.

Additional details on PvP will follow as we delve deeper into the new mechanics.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news, we all know that it’s gonna be rowdy!

Have questions or concerns? Hit up our team on the community Discord here.

27, Apr 2022