Blockchain Brawlers’ Summer BLOCK Party Player Appreciated Event Week 3 Brings Updated BRAWL Mall & New PvP Animations

Hey, Brawlers! Week 2 of the Summer BLOCK Party was a smashing success, and now we get to dive head first into our third week.

This event aims to bring you an abundance of exciting prizes and giveaways for participation. Plus, you get to join our developers for a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes action, where you can see the PvP game really come to life. Just think of it as our way to say “thank you” for being a part of the Brawlers community.

Make sure not to miss out on any of the fun — there are only two weeks left to get your Party on!

This week, we prepare for a shopping spree at the BRAWL Mall and take a look at some totally rad Attack animations for the PvP gameplay.

Brawlers Go Shopping at the BRAWL Mall

Everyone loves a good shopping spree, and the Brawlers are no different. That’s why we’re so stoked to introduce the BRAWL Mall — your gateway to shopping for all things Blockchain Brawlers.

There are two ways for you to shop: through the vIRL Market or the BRWL Store.

We are all about convenience, and we’ve made sure to incorporate that into your shopping experience. Both the vIRL Market and the BRWL Store are fully functional from within the game — meaning, you no longer have to open a new browser tab and leave the game to buy all of your Brawlers goodies.

Purchase NFTs on the vIRL Market or spend your hard-earned BRWL at the Store for accessories and other fun customization items for your fellas.

Brand New Attack Animations Take to the Ring

There’s nothing quite like watching your Brawler go in for the kill with a full-force bodyslam.

This week, we get to showcase some of our latest and greatest Attack animations that will be seen in-game during the PvP Combat.

Please keep in mind that these are still in their early phases and will be smoothed out with further work — but, they’re just too good not to share!

If you want a deeper look into how the PvP game plays out, check out this Blog Post for more info where the Blockchain Brawlers team lets you behind the scenes to see the game being made.

Enter the bountyblok Contest for a Chance to Win!

Remember, every Friday you have the opportunity to enter a new bountyblok Summer BLOCK Party contest, where you have a chance to WATCH and WIN!

Check out the amazing Ambassadors every week to get a first look at info just like this, plus earn a chance and huge Blockchain Brawlers prizes. We’re talking about BRAWL-O-SEUMS, Legendary Brawlers and more up for grabs. Get the details here.

Want to get a head start? Check out these awesome Ambassador content submissions from this week. The more you watch, the greater your chances of winning BIG!

26, Aug 2022