Blockchain Brawlers Powerscore, Leaderboard and Patch Notes

Welcome to this week’s Patchnotes update!

Lots of important changes have been made over the last week, and we are excited to tell you all about them.

BRWL Mining Update

First things first, we are mining at a record pace!

Just three weeks ago players were mining a little over 10M BRWL a day pretty consistently.

However, post the “Scotty 2.0 Burn Event” we are now seeing over 16M BRWL mined every single day.

We had anticipated a “hockey stick” like performance chart for the amount of daily BRWL mined, and we’re now seeing it. The curve is clearly bending to have the Mining Phase end in the next twenty-four days (give or take).

One of two things can happen in this scenario:

(1) The amount of BRWL mined will continue to increase, and the mining event will end around the 28th of July, or (2) players will stop crafting brass knuckles and steel chairs and mining will slow down drastically to end sometime around the first week of August.

To illustrate this progression towards the end of the Mining Phase, you will see a new update to the Countdown Counter that illustrates this point — plus, a look at which Brawler has been behind this exponential increase in the mining rate.

Plot twist, it wasn’t Naughty Scotty after all!

As a reminder, the left side navigation menu we launched last week is still the best place to view the most recent Medium articles all in one place. And, don’t forget the new account settings widget accessible through the player card in the upper right-hand portion of your home screen to edit your account preferences. This includes your account avatar selection and choice of frame.

We will continue to add more choices to customize your account over the coming months, and this is where those options will always reside.

We want to give you as much control and flexibility as you desire.

Leap Into Leaderboards

Leaderboards are live!

You can now head into the game and see where you rank amongst all of your fellow Brawlers in terms of who has the most Brawler NFTs and of the highest quality. The point allocation is as follows:

Value of Brawlers per NFT

Legendary Brawler — 468.75

Epic Brawler — 187.5

Rare Brawler — 75

Uncommon Brawler — 30

Common Brawler — 12

Artifact Brawler — 5

To access your spot on the Leaderboard, you just utilize the newly implemented navigation menu that persists on the left side of the landing page “Go Brawl” screen.

Click the “Trophy” icon or expand the nav menu, and then click on “Leaderboards” to see who reigns supreme.

Will it be a well-known Brawler? A Discord Rockstar?

Perhaps it will be someone from “parts unknown”. Aren’t happy with your position? Acquire more Brawlers. The Leaderboard updates once every ten minutes, giving you plenty of opportunities to get in the game.

As we have previously mentioned, this initial implementation is very important for every single competition we hold going forward. We often refer to these types of features as “foundational technologies.”

This v1.0 release details what Brawler NFTs you have both in your wallet and in your in-game inventory. The next update of the Leaderboard will include an accounting of your Swagged out Brawlers as well as take any low mints you possess into consideration. And they will definitely help your powerscore pop!

Again, we want to recognize quality as well as quantity.

*The mint #1–99 will receive a scaling value. Every NFT mint #100 and higher will not receive any additional points towards your overall Powerscore. There are also no points for any gear in your possession at this time and we do not anticipate that changing.

The Importance of Powerscore

In the future, there will be lots of benefits to having a high Powerscore.

The two main factors at this time will be gated access and optimizing your winnings in the various PvP modes. Also, we will be holding asynchronous competitions amongst players tied to Powerscores to allow you to compete head-to-head before our synchronous PvP mode goes live in late Q3.

All the aforementioned competitions and forward-looking utilities will be detailed further in the coming weeks once everything is in full swing.

Stay tuned! Lots more info to come soon.

06, Jul 2022