Blockchain Brawlers Pink Battletag Programming Guide

There have been a lot of questions surrounding the benefits of holding one of our limited edition Pink Battletags.

We created this promo item to encourage early adopters to come in and show their support for “The Rowdiest Game in the Metaverse!”

In fact, we’re now ready to unveil what “PBT” benefits we will be rolling out over the course of this year:

#1 — Random BRAWL Token Giveaways

Every single month, beginning in April and going through December 2022, we’re going to distribute more than $2,000 worth of BRWL tokens to select PBT holders. The break-down will be as follows:

  • 1st wallet selected: 28% of the prize pool
  • 2nd wallet selected: 13% of the prize pool
  • 3rd wallet selected: 5% of the prize pool
  • 4th-10th wallet selected: 2% of the prize pool
  • 11th-50th wallet selected: 1% of the prize pool

#2 — Whitelist Inclusion

On selected events where we identify participants by whitelisting, PBT holders will be automatically included in the very final list and qualify for whatever that event is.

#3 — PBT Specific Promotions

Like we did on the Mint #1 Legendary Ring Giveaway earlier this month, from time to time we will offer PBT-specific promotional giveaways that are exclusive to this group. There will be no fewer than three of these giveaways and no more than 9.

While the Brawlerverse will continue to grow for years to come, this PBT programming will end as of December 31st, 2022.

We’re excited for you to join in the fun!

21, Mar 2022