Blockchain Brawlers Patch Notes 0.18.0 and Upgrading

Hey, Brawlers!

Patch 0.18.0 is the first of a series of smaller, but very important pushes over the course of the next five days.

We wanted to get meaningful features into players’ hands as soon as possible, as opposed to holding back until everything was completed. What you will see starting with today’s deployment is the first of many quality-of-life updates as well as the debut of our highly anticipated Upgrade feature — so, let’s get into it.

The Importance of Upgrading

Ever since we first wrote about the limited access numbers — but limitless power that the BRAWL-O-SEUM was bringing to the Brawlerverse — it was always understood that part of this power paradigm was the idea that players would be allowed to take the assets produced and upgrade them into even more compelling items in terms of rarity and visual spectacle.

It was clear to the team that upgrading needed to have more tension and be a step up from how other games and collections have done it in the past. We wanted to encourage economic activity, unknown outcomes for streamers and players alike and make the chase for the legendary and foil assets to feel like a real accomplishment.

We have previously written about our version of how our novel approach to the 3/4/6/9 upgrading path works. If you need a refresher, you can read about it here.

How It Works

To utilize the new “Upgrade” feature, go to and open up your “INVENTORY” tab. Here you will immediately see three important changes.

The first is an unchecked box. This is where you can select which items you want to move around. The second is an “Unlocked” lock icon, which can be clicked to “Lock” your NFT. Finally, you will see an “Upgrade” button where you can upgrade the selected asset.

To make matters even easier, we have also added a “SELECT ALL” option from within a given category where you can choose to “Upgrade All”. To be clear, just because you may have selected to upgrade all, you may not have the right numbers to do so. Nothing will happen to the remnant cards, as they won’t get burned because they are not part of the required recipe.

Another note, “All” does NOT mean “All” per se. Because we have added pagination, if you want “All” you will need to scroll to the end of your inventory to truly include “All”. Otherwise, the max per upgrade you will do is 36 cards. With a little bit of scrolling, you can select all. We plan on making “All” mean all someday, but not for this version.

These checkboxes are not just for ease of upgrading — you can also mass export from your in-game inventory into your wallet. Although this is nice to have, the real impact here is a fine level of control over many assets players possess with minimal effort.

This is needed now more than ever when it comes to upgrading the number of cards our players have accumulated since the launch of the crafting mini-game.

As we demonstrated with the utilization of the BoS, we like to give players max results with minimal interactions. Free time is a valuable commodity and we do not intend to waste yours.

Early in the Summer, we told you we were committed to providing utility for our BRWL token and Gold NFTs. Upgrading will require both of these currencies if you want to reach the highest heights.

The cost to upgrade your cards and moves is as follows:

  • (3) Common NFTs to get (1) random Uncommon NFT = 10 BRWL
  • (4) Uncommon NFTs to get (1) random Rare NFT = 20 BRWL
  • (6) Rare NFTs to get (1) random Epic NFT = 10 BRWL + 1 Gold NFT
  • (9) Epic NFTs to get (1) random Legendary NFT = 10 BRWL + 5 Gold NFTs

Each newly Upgraded NFT will be “Mint on Demand”. This simply means that the first to mint an asset is guaranteed to get a Mint #1. So racers, start, your engines!

What About Foils?

We have not forgotten about foils in this feature. These very rare items can also be upgraded, but not part of the normal recipe.

To upgrade a foil you need three of the exact same kind of foil to get a random output of another foil in next level rarity.

For example, if you have three Colt Tenderfoot 5 cards that are foils, you can upgrade them for a random Uncommon foil deck card, but of a random Brawler with a random number. Foils can be not mixed with non-foils as part of the standard upgrade recipe.

Upgrading moves will be part of a deployment on Friday, October 21 and the interface will work the same way.

Then, on Tuesday of next week, we are going to do another deployment that will include “Open All” for the packs you have.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us via the normal channels. Happy Upgrading!

20, Oct 2022