Blockchain Brawlers Patch Notes 0.17.6

Hey, Brawlers!

It’s been a while since we last published the Patch Notes, but that does not mean we’ve been at a standstill in the way of code updates.

We’ve been making some much-needed adjustments over the last 14 days. Some updates are more obvious than others, so we’re going to catch you up to speed on all the things you might have missed.

Here is a list of everything that has been addressed, in no particular order.

Balance Changes

We’ve increased the NFT Power Score of Legendary Brawlers and put some distance between the Legendaries and everyone else (I’m looking at you, swagged out Colt). This change is already live in-game.

Legendary NFTs used to be worth 468.5 points are now worth 2,100 points.


We recently added a Tyranno Studios themed card back for you to utilize in PvP. It can be purchased through the BRWL Mall in the Store for only 200 BRWL.


Inventory Changes:

You can now see three (3) distinct buckets of where to find your content — in-Wallet NFTs, in-game NFTs and in-game Items.

Advanced Filtering:

  1. You can filter by “Pack Type” Standard or Rarity
  2. You can filter by Deck Card per Brawler, per number, per rarity, Foil or normal
  3. You can filter by pack — Attacks/Taunts/Finishers
  4. You can see how many of a specific asset you own in inventory

Rarity Pack Changes:

  1. You can now see in the marketplaces what the drop rate percent are of a pack by hovering over it or clicking on it
  2. The name of the Rarity pack per listing has been removed and replaced with the % drop rate inside the pack


We have fixed several issues in the game:

  1. Withdrawn Gold now goes to your wallet. For a brief moment, this was not true
  2. Front and Backend sessions are always in sync
  3. Hitbox on confirming a sale on vIRL Marketplace has been increased significantly
  4. There was an issue with Gold appearing as Mint #0. This has been fixed.
  5. Deck Cards, both Foil and Standard issue have their images restored
  6. Pack skins now equip correctly
  7. Pack skins now can be cycled left to right or right to left
  8. Cards are now centered in the marketplace inventory screen
  9. Gold and BRWL are now being correctly charged.
  10. Removed the level from the common packs. It was creating too much confusion
  11. We fixed an issue where Gold is now correctly burned upon deposit
  12. Gold deposits of more than 100 were not getting credited correctly

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06, Oct 2022