Blockchain Brawlers Patch Notes 0.15.0

As you know, we are very hard at work trying to get the Closed Beta in tip-top shape while building the crafting features tied to our most ambitious rollout to date — all powered by the BRAWL-O-SEUM.

But, this does not mean that changes, fixes and improvements to the existing platform have stopped. Since 0.14.0 rolled out last week, we have made a number of improvements to the BRWL Mall.

We’re still listening to all of your feedback, and now we’ve implemented improved sorting functionality and the ability to view well-formatted prices in WAXP.

Now, when you enter the vIRL Marketplace, you will see the default categories selector (the left field) that show everything with a default of “All Schemas”. Pricing is also going to be shown in a much more readable format.

We have also added a bunch of new things to buy in the BRWL Store, including the ability to purchase card backs that you can use to customize your PvP deck.

There are nine (9) purchase choices you can make, and we are allowing all players to buy a “WAX” card back for free. If you own a BoS, you can buy skins that you can use to customize your Pack when you sell it on a secondary market, such as vIRL Marketplace.

All-in-all, there are 50 things to consider buying with BRWL or Gold. To be clear, unless you own a BRAWL-O-SEUM, do not buy a Pack skin as you cannot use it anywhere.

Stay tuned for further patch updates down the line.

Get out there, Brawlers!

24, Aug 2022