Blockchain Brawlers — Patch Notes 0.14.0

Our intention has always been to make the Blockchain Brawlers experience the best in the entire gaming space, and today, we take one step closer in accomplishing that goal.

Now live is WAX Studios’ very own vIRL Marketplace. This feature takes all of the power of a fully transactional marketplace and embeds it directly into the game.

You no longer need to open a new browser window and head to a different URL to buy items for in-game use — instead, you can conveniently shop and transact directly from within the Blockchain Brawlers dApp.

Why Build This Out?

Building our own marketplace allows us to have complete control over the digital real estate which we use to promote items, games, collections and various messaging that we find material. But, even more important is control over the product roadmap.

Other marketplaces are great, but in the case of needing a special feature in the roadmap, we do not control what other sites do and support.

However, because we are creating on our own platform and secondary sales site, we can easily include more specialized features, such as using BRWL as a settlement currency or incorporating a trading system that uses Gold.

Listing in BRWL will be set to go next week and the Gold trading is coming a few weeks later. The Gold trade feature is a new and thoughtful approach to exchanging NFTs with one another.

There are several other changes that are being brought to the game, starting with seven new tracks from Yoshibeats for you to enjoy. We’re confident you’ll love this new mix of chill songs.

You will also see a new landing page and home screen. The sharpest players will notice one somewhat subtle EasterEgg hidden within it. Happy hunting!

We have also made some adjustments to the inventory page in anticipation of the onslaught of new items you will be needing and acquiring for the PvP game.

We know some of you still possess Rings and Gear, and while they don’t serve a purpose anymore, we thought it best to move them to the back of the pack. You will always be able to find those items along with your Series 1 Brawlers from within the “Legacy” button interface.

Lastly, since the vIRL Marketplace itself is in soft launch and you will see some obvious omissions, like “Sorting by Schema”. There are still some bumps to smooth over — but we will get there. You are always welcome to share your user experiences and feedback on how we can better improve.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us through the social media channel of your choice.

17, Aug 2022