Blockchain Brawlers Packs on WAX

The rowdiest play-to-earn game in the metaverse is heating up on WAX — and now, it’s time to kick it into high gear!

From high-flying heels to dropping elbows from the top-rope, Blockchain Brawlers has seen some pretty fierce competition in both WAX Digital and Binance NFT auction houses.

Next, we’re expecting no less for the game’s very first pack drops. Flex those muscles and strap on some spandex — it’s going down!

Binance & WAX Auctions: Recap

If you’ve been following the Blockchain Brawlers journey thus far, you’ll have seen some Brawlers selling for a pretty penny.

First, the boys made a debut on Binance with a set of 100 “Founder’s Edition” 1-of-1 Legendary NFTs — and they killed it! Bids frequently garnered over $8,000, with the first 100 Brawlers grossing just under $650,000.

If that’s not exciting enough for you, Brawlers then moved to the WAX Digital Auction House. With the auctions still rolling, these fellas are definitely leaving their mark.

We’re talking about several of the Brawlers going for more than 30,000 WAXP and the highest-grossing Brawler going for over 55,555 WAXP.

All things considered, sales have amassed over a million dollars between the two platforms, and we’re not done yet.


For those who are seeking a more budget-friendly option, hang on. We’ve got just the thing for you.

Purchase 2 Pack(s) a Punch

Whitelisted wallets, this is your chance to get a Brawler if you don’t have one already and equip him with all the tools necessary to put the beat down in the Ring.

Get ready for two (2) epic pack drops: Brawler Packs and Gear Packs

Brawler Packs

On February 8 at 7 am ET, Brawler Packs hit the market on WAX. Inside, you’ll find one (1) Brawler NFT, plus one (1) Ring NFT to use in-game. Both NFTs come in a variety of three (3) killer rarities:

Brawlers — Common, Uncommon and Rare

Rings — Common, Rare and Legendary

Brawler Packs retail for $350 with a total of 750 available.

*Please note that “Founder’s Edition” Legendary 1-of-1’s can only be obtained through WAX digital auctions or the secondary market.

Players who own a “Founder’s Edition” Legendary 1-of-1 on WAX will receive a free Ring NFT drop on February 11 — Binance winners will also receive a free Ring NFT once the Binance Bridge is open and NFTs have been transferred over to WAX.

Gear Packs

To top it off, on February 10 at 7 am ET, you’ll be able to purchase Gear Packs.

It wouldn’t be fair to send your Brawler into the arena without some Brass Knuckles — these packs contain one (1) Gear NFT in one (1) of five (3) rarities:

Gear — Common, Uncommon, and Rare

This isn’t just for looks, either. Gear means your Brawler is extra brutal, earning you even greater rewards. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Gear Packs retail for $75 and there are only 750 available.

The guys are itching to get into the ring, and we’re just as excited. Have your computers on and fingers on the trigger, these packs won’t last long when the bell rings.

The “Second Chance of a Lifetime Sale” Whitelist

The following list shows all wallets that are eligible to participate in the Leftovers Sale next Tuesday, February 15th at 1 pm ET here. The Whitelist sale will be live for 2 hours and then it will open up to the public.

The following list contains wallets from sign-ups of the original Gleam Campaign — including all holders of Battle Tag NFTs and active community members on Discord. (Pro-tip: Press CTRL + F on Windows, or Command & F on Mac. Enter your wallet address to check if you made it)


UPDATED 02/11/2022

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