Blockchain Brawlers IS LIVE with PVP!

Brawlers, this moment has been a long time coming.

We started our journey back in November of 2021 with the goal of building a genre-defining experience for gamers across the globe.

The Tyranno Studios team is thrilled to see Blockchain Brawlers PvP come to fruition, and we can’t wait to see all of you throwing down in the Ring.

Changing Blockchain Gaming

From conception to execution throughout game creation, one of our top priorities was to shift the economic and ownership paradigm that’s existed since the very first games were made.

It is absolutely vital that players truly own the digital items they purchase, and those items need to have power, scarcity and utility at their core.

We believe that this dynamic is best showcased in a game that capitalizes upon known compelling loops tied to player progression. On that fateful day last November, we had no idea if what we were to build would appeal to anyone, let alone become a North Star for other game developers and publishers to follow.

But, the time has come.

We are taking the wraps off of our Web3 game to tell the world to sit up and take notice of what we have built because it’s exceptional and demands everyone’s attention.

Today, we have taken the final step towards delivering our MVP of an end-to-end game experience with the inclusion of user account authentication.

What this means is that from now on, when players are asked to log in to play Blockchain Brawlers, the #1 Web3 fighting game in the world, they will bind their activities to a wallet/account.

Every win, loss, leaderboard position, card owned or upgraded, will all be part of your recorded history in the Brawlerverse.

But, there are a lot of questions to answer in terms of what is available today vs. looking forward to over the next few weeks. We’ve addressed some of these questions below.

Q: How do I log in to the game?

A: Simple, as per the previous phases of the game. As long as you have a WAX Cloud Wallet or any of the other supported wallets, you can get going immediately. Don’t have one? You can create a WAX Cloud Wallet here.

Q: Can I stake BRWL to play a match against a live opponent?

A: Not quite yet. This is a vital feature for us to get right. We need to ensure the escrow service is fully functional and tied to a reliable play experience that involves a graceful failure if an opponent leaves along with rejoin logic if they try to reconnect. You will not have to wait too long, as this is slated to be done and deployed towards the end of next week (November 17).

Q: Do I need the BRWL token or a Series 1 NFT to play the game that is live today?

A: No. Just come on in and a limited number of assets will be available for you to Brawl with. This special promotional window will end very soon.

Q: Great, so I never need to own an NFT of any type?

A: Not exactly. Once we have the inventory and loadout feature up and running, no one will be allowed to play without the minimum 12 NFTs required (1 Brawler, the eight (8) cards and three (3) moves).

The good news is that we have Starter Packs for sale at a very reasonable price. Just enter the game and we will guide you on how to make this one-time purchase to get going. To read more about the minimum requirements for PvP and how this all works, head over to our Whitepaper.

Q: So when will my existing inventory come into play with the loadout up and running?

A: Inventory and loadouts will be live in-game on Thursday, November 10. Until then, enjoy using your Living Dead swagged-out Brawler and Finishing players off with the Legendary Chokeslam finishing move. RIP!

Q: What other features are coming soon?

A: You will also start to see purchases in-game via a credit card start to show up around the middle of the month. Initially, it will be to buy BRWL and then we will add NFT purchase flows.

Q: Speaking of Swag Kits, when will they be back on sale and when will we be able to swag out our Brawlers?

A: Swag Kits will go on sale the week of November 15 and be usable the week of November 22. The next one up is Rasslin’ Royalty! It can be bought with WAXP from the vIRL Marketplace. You will also be able to take your newly swagged-out Brawler into the ring complete with a flowing cape and a blinged-out crown.

Q: The was a rumor about stats getting reset. Did this happen and if not will it?

A: The path to resetting stats was not as simple as we had hoped. We will not be resetting them at this time during our “Pre-season”.

Q: Wins vs. Bots used to count during the testing phase. Can a player still feast on these low-IQ training tools?

A: No, wins vs. bots no longer increment your win/loss totals.

Q: MMR is teased as “Coming Soon” in the current build. Any idea how soon?

A: It’s not clear when the exact timing is, but the expectation is that this will be up and running next week. Look for this to be in-game and working as designed by November 17th.

The Ring is waiting for you — get Brawling today!

08, Nov 2022