Blockchain Brawlers Gold Mint Update and June Calendar Release

The Rowdiest P2E game in the Metaverse is headed for another quality-of-life update to further ensure that Blockchain Brawlers gives you the best user experience possible, both in and out of the Ring.

With the much-anticipated PvP phase well on its way, we thought this would be a good time to update you on what to expect in the month of June and beyond.

What’s to Change

If you’ve been a part of Blockchain Brawlers, you may have noticed that your Gold has been deposited as an NFT to your WAX Cloud Wallet, as well as displayed on the in-game menu.

To make things more cohesive, all of your Gold that is active within the game will no longer be visible in your WAX Cloud Wallet as NFTs. This follows the same manner in which BRWL interacts with your wallet — meaning you will have to export and import Gold to and from the game if you want to move your resources around.

Additionally, this means that if you’re holding a Gold NFT and you deposit it to the game, this action will effectively burn the NFT from your wallet.

If you are wanting to remove it from the game, however, you can travel to the same exchange page where you transfer the BRWL token from the game to your wallet and vice versa.

Once complete, you will then have a new NFT minted to your wallet to sell, hold or trade as you see fit.

You can do this at no extra cost to you, as there is no withdrawal fee when removing your Gold.

Please note that the use-case for Gold will not change — this is simply a UI/wallet update that is designed to be more straightforward and remove unnecessary clutter. Please let us know if you have any thoughts or questions via the Blockchain Brawlers Discord channel.

There are also benefits from this implementation as it reduces unnecessary RAM consumption and NFT minting. Less CPU will also be used since Gold will no longer be minted on every win and no longer have to be transferred and then burned every time it is used.

A Jam-Packed June

June is bound to bring about several other meaningful changes to the Brawlerverse. We’ve recently published a monthly calendar that is loosely tied to an annual roadmap. The goal of this roadmap is to give you a general overview of where we intend to go with product plans and features.

Although the monthly content calendar reflects this, it remains flexible as it is greatly influenced by the actions and responses from our players about the things that matter most to them.

In June, some plans are moving up, and some are moving out…

To better understand where we are going, let’s look back at where we’ve been. In May, we thought Rent-a-Brawler would be something we would deliver, but instead, we opted to create a Brawl Limit feature.

This, in turn, decreased the need for real players to rent out their assets in order to keep script-based farmers at bay. Also, by introducing a low-cost pack sale, players had the opportunity to get into the game quicker. The idea and intent were the same, but the execution and thought process was better for the Brawlerverse as a whole.

As a result, the effect on the game’s health has been greatly improved. This does not mean the concept of Rent-a-Brawler is dead — rather, it has been moved down the list of what we are working to release.

This is a long-winded way of saying if something moves out, there is probably a perfect reason for it. If you want to know what that reason is, just ask.

Even more exciting things are heading your way, starting with a surprise on June 7. We will not comment on what that is but pay close attention and you’ll get it.

Following in later weeks, mark your calendars for June 14, 21 and 28 for some bigger updates:

June 14

Up to this point, every single aspect of Blockchain Brawlers has existed solely on the Blockchain. As we move forward with evolving and shifting gameplay into a more traditional experience, we are setting up game-specific servers for matchmaking, ladders, leaderboards, account information and win/loss stats et al.

We have been hard at work engineering these backend solutions for proper information storage on a player-by-player basis. This work is wrapping up shortly and will soon enter an extensive testing phase.

Most features we build moving forward require this work to be done. The heavy tech lift took a little longer than expected and has pushed out some promised features of Token Counter, Leaderboards, Avatar naming and PFP collections — but they are coming.

We will also release the Token Countdown indicator that is built to visualize progression toward the remaining tokens to be mined (aka — the end of the “Mining Phase”). Like all things we do, there will be some fun tongue-in-cheek moments to amuse you.

Additionally, we will launch our second burn event with improved pricing so if you are looking for a discount to upgrade your Scotty Wideye into a Barry Greenhorn, this is a great opportunity for you to do that.

This event will also be a limited-time run, so get your resources ready and mark your calendars.

We will also be releasing a brand new crafting recipe. No spoilers, though! All you need to know is that it is coming. Be ready to tune in on that day to see what it is.

June 21

We will also be launching the Avatar Image Select/Account Naming feature. And if that weren’t enough, we will be debuting a new UI tied to information access. This will be shown on the left side of the screen as a navigation menu for you to easily access the content for Story Mode, Leaderboards, Patch Notes and other various features for easy access.

June 28

Not to be overshadowed by a stacked June 21, the next week is when we will unveil our very first Leaderboard. The first thing we will track is who has the very best collection of Brawlers in their stable, and will potentially look something like this:

Now that we have leaderboards working and account naming/avatars, keep your eyes peeled for the first tournaments or competitions as a possibility.

So what about Factions?

Factions were just a victim of too many foundational features that needed to be built in order to make them a reality.

Never fear, they are still very much on the roadmap. Without giving away too much, here is a sneak peek into July: Factions, in-game store, PvP closed beta test and a new crafting mini-game revealed.

Thank you for your time — now get back into the Ring!

01, Jun 2022