Blockchain Brawlers™ Economy Changes [Updated]

Welcome, everyone!

There has been a lot of great banter in the community tied to player behaviors we are seeing in-game and the impact of those actions on the market.

We have always said we possess the means and ability to make game changes that will allow us to fine-tune and run a healthy in-game economy that builds slowly over time for many years to come.

To us, this means increasing the performance of some assets while reducing the performance of others.

We repeatedly said we wanted to keep the initial number of players low until we understand behaviors and item pricing/inventory in the market. We now have a clear vision of how our players are playing Blockchain Brawlers and pricing their assets.

It is with this in mind that we are going to address the following three areas that are in need of adjustment, and we will continue to recalibrate as needed to ensure a balanced game economy. As this balance is struck, we will look to increase marketing and promotional activities to inspire more players to join in the excitement.

The below-listed changes (“PART 1”) are currently live in the game. “Part 2” changes will be live at 4 pm ET on April 19, 2022.

Please read ahead to see all the buffs, nerfs, and crafting changes that have or will be made:

PART 1 (Live now)

Problem #1 — Too much gold.

When we modeled our various scenarios pre-launch, we thought we were going to set up Scotty owners to fuel the creation of assets ending with Colt Tenderfoots using Steel Chairs in Legendary Rings.

This did not happen. Instead, each Scotty begets more Scottys. Given his prolific Gold output, low crafting cost and great earnings rate when stacked, it has created a surplus of Scottys that has created a surplus of Gold and BRWL in the market.

This has decidedly driven down Gold prices, as the amounts for sale increased due to players crafting more Scottys rather than progressing to higher-level brawlers as intended. Because of this, we are reducing the amount of Gold drops per Brawler by 1% across the board.

We are keeping Gold drop rates the same for Brass Knuckles (although we made crafting them cost less, more on this below), Baseballs Bats, and Steel Chairs.

We are increasing the Gold drop rate for Trash Cans and Sledge Hammers while at the same time reducing the cost to craft them. This was to address in-game performance relative to cost. It is time for these mid-tier game gears to get a performance improvement.

Lastly, there are changes we have made to all the recipes that are detailed below.

These adjustments are aimed squarely at reducing the overall level of Gold for sale and keeping supply and demand in balance with one another.


  • Scotty Gold drop rate reduced from 7% to 6%
  • Barry Gold drop rate reduced from 6% to 5%
  • Johnny Gold drop rate reduced from 5% to 4%
  • Colt Gold drop rate reduced from 3% to 2%
  • Legendary/Ric Flair Gold drop rate reduced from 4% to 3%

Problem #2 — Too many Scottys, not enough others.

Our original intention with Scotty was to be a solid starting Brawler for early players that could fill the role of Gold producer until players graduated to higher level Brawlers to produce more BRWL.

Scotty was for the player who didn’t win an auction but still wanted to jump in to start their journey towards a BRWL-optimized lineup.

This in theory can still be the use case, but we needed to curtail his overall output and make the “Scotty farms” less of an option. The root of the problem was that at his current purchase/crafting price, he was just too strong to be ignored and too easy to obtain.

As shown above, we have taken down his Gold percentage drop rate from 7% to 6%.

We have also increased the recipe from 4000 BRWL / 6 Gold and changed it to 5,000 BRWL / 13 Gold.

The last cut we made is the deepest, as his default gross earning per match has been taken from 70 gross BRWL per match to 61 gross BRWL per match.

Additionally, we have changed every Brawler crafting recipe and/or their BRWL output numbers to encourage the game to be played as intended, with players seeking to progress to higher-level Brawlers. The increase in the cost of crafting Barry was more due to the fact that his performance relative to the Scotty changes was too good and now his in-game performance and cost are tightly aligned with all other Brawlers.

Brawler Recipe Changes (BRWL/Gold)

  • Scotty was 4000/6 to craft and now costs 5,000/13
  • Barry was 13,200/12 to craft and now costs 18,250/22
  • Johnny was 27,500/24 to craft and now costs 23,150/30
  • Colt was 46,400/36 to craft and now costs 32,500/35

BRWL output numbers (excluding gear)

  • Scotty’s base gross earned was 70 BRWL and is now 61 BRWL
  • Barry’s base gross earned is unchanged
  • Johnny’s base gross earned was 130 BRWL and is now 132 BRWL
  • Colt’s base gross was 165 BRWL and is now 170 BRWL
  • Ric Flair / Legendaries’ base gross was 201 BRWL and is now 206 BRWL

PART 2 (Live at 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST on April 19th)

The reason the below update will not be live until 4 pm EST on the 19th of April is that the below changes could negatively impact you, provided you possess a Ring or Gear NFT in your wallet that is yet to be Activated.

It is imperative that if you have any gear or rings in your wallet/on sale you activate them in your in-game inventory to not lose the currency you invested to garner this item.

We are reducing the use of gears and rings in-game and commensurately reducing the crafting cost. Performance is largely the same in-game, but if you have a Legendary Ring with +2800 uses not activated, once the update is live, that exact asset will have its uses drastically reduced to only 600. The same goes for gear. Please activate all gear and rings or else the uses per item will go down independent of what you invested to acquire them. You have until 4pm ET to activate your existing NFTs if you so choose.

Problem #3 — The frequency of crafting was too spread out.

We did not like the peaks and valleys tied to crafting durable goods, so we significantly reduced the uses, but equally, we reduced the cost to craft.

You should find the Ring and Gear depreciation relatively similar as this was our intent. We kept the Common ring essentially the same and the Rare and Legendary Ring got a tiny tweak on the gold needed per use and the depreciation took a slight hit. Gear uses were also cut in half. The BRWL and Gold costs were halved as well for the most part, with a few minor tweaks here and there to further enable our goal of building a self-sustaining economy. This should also help lower the barrier to entry for some players.

Rings (BRWL/Gold)

  • Common ring use was 350 matches and is now 75 matches
  • Common ring crafting was 3200/5 is now 675/2
  • Rare ring use was 1400 and is now 300 matches
  • Rare ring crafting was 12000/12 is now 2,650/8
  • Legendary ring use was 2800 and is now 600 matches
  • Legendary ring crafting was 20,000/20 is now 5,150/16

Gear (BRWL/Gold)

  • Brass Knuckles use was 250 matches and is now 125
  • Brass Knuckles crafting cost was 4000/5 and is now 1,800/3
  • Trash Can use was 250 matches and is now 125
  • Trash Can crafting cost was 7,500/7 and is now 2,500/3
  • Sledgehammer use was 250 matches and is now 125
  • Sledgehammer crafting cost was 10,000/10 and is now 4,200/5
  • Baseball Bat use was 250 matches and is now 125
  • Baseball Bat crafting cost was 14,000/14 and is now 7,000/7
  • Steel Chair use was 250 matches and is now 125
  • Steel Chair crafting cost was 18,000/18 and is now 8,900/10

Swag Kits (BRWL/Gold)

  • Crafting a Swag Kit onto a Common Brawler was 2,000/3 and is now 2,500/3
  • Crafting a Swag Kit onto an Uncommon Brawler was 6,600/6 and is now 9,125/5
  • Crafting a Swag Kit onto a Rare Brawler was 13,750/12 and is now 11,575/7
  • Crafting a Swag Kit onto an Epic Brawler was 23,200 / 18 and is now 16,250/9

We know this is a lot to take in. For those of you running ROI calculators, it’s time to update your sheets.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you in in-channel. We have always said some of the decisions we make you will like, some of them you won’t, but know that everything we do is to ensure the longevity of our product and the long-term benefit to the community.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please let us know!

18, Apr 2022