Blockchain Brawlers Closed Beta Mechanics Explained

Hey, Brawlers! We are quickly approaching the release of the highly-anticipated PvP Blockchain Brawlers game card game, and let us just say, we are absolutely stoked to see what you think!

We have finally integrated all of the final touches in this playtest, but before we turn you loose and set the times, there are some things you need to be aware of.

Our #1 Goal

To be clear, the point of this test is only to test the card game portion itself. You will see no win/loss stats, Brawler animations or upgraded deck cards.

We need to have a good understanding from you, our Beta testers, if this game is easy to understand and play. We also need to know how quickly you picked up on all of the different rules.

There will be a questionnaire tied to these subjects as well as game balance, pace of play, time to complete the game, which rules were confusing and any other feedback that could be deemed helpful.

What Do I Need?

To get started, you will not need a deck of virtual cards or anything of the sort. If you have access to the closed beta, you will be provided all in-game resources to fully test.

However, there are some things outside of the game that you will need to ensure you have access to in order to take part in the testing:

  1. A PC or a Macintosh — mobile phones are not supported, although this will change and will become available when the full game goes live in a non-mobile web responsive way.
  2. A Steam account — this test will be done via a downloadable client distributed through Steam
  3. 500mb of RAM
  4. Windows 11(PC) and (on a Mac)
  5. 262mb of hard drive space (82mb compressed, you’ll need the ability to unpack it)

Cross-platform play will be available during this phase, so there’s no need to find someone with the same hardware setup as you.

To open a Steam account, visit here and click “Install Steam” if you don’t already have it. Follow the instructions and launch the client, then you can easily sign up for a free account.

Once you have installed Steam and logged in, you will be emailed an exclusive key to enter.

Also, be sure to read this Medium blog post to understand how game rules work. We will have a cheat sheet pinned in the Beta-Test channel in Discord to help you through your testing, as well as a video walkthrough posted here. In the Beta-Test-Matchmaking channel, there is a pinned post with cliff notes on how to play.

Understanding all of this is very important as the game can be (initially) confusing and there is not a new user tutorial to play through in this test.

Who Will I Play Against?

To find an opponent, head over to the previously referenced Blockchain Brawlers Discord channel called “beta-test-matchmaking”.

If you choose to host a game (there is no gameplay advantage for hosts), you will see a button in the client labeled “Generate Code” on the homepage. Click this button and the join code number will be generated and auto-populate the “game entry” field.

Then, go to the Discord channel and post your join code number. Whoever enters it will be your opponent. This will make it very easy for players to conveniently start games and be able to find each other without hassle.

When to Play

There are no specific windows for players to compete — rather if we have two people that want to play with each other they can. This test will begin at 1 pm PST on August 25 and conclude on August 29 at 1 pm PST.

Keep an eye out for an email to let you know you’ve made the list. The players that will be invited to play are PBT holders, BRAWL-O-SEUM owners, BB Ambassadors, select members of the press and certain members of the community in very high standing.

When the playtest concludes, you will receive an email with a survey to fill out about your Closed Beta playtest experience. Please take 5 minutes to share your thoughts with us.

We look forward to hearing all about your experience and how we can better improve to bring you a killer game.

Now, get out there Brawlers!

19, Aug 2022