Blockchain Brawlers BRAWL-O-SEUM Crafting Walkthrough

The launch and deployment of our most anticipated features to date, the BRAWL-O-SEUM (aka the BoS), is on the verge of releasing and we can’t wait to share it with you.

It’s a very heavy piece of code with 11 new screens, 26 new buttons, toggles, dials and gadgets to click on and a brand new loadout screen in which you can track the progress and growth of your inventory.

Pro tip: If you are lucky enough to own more than one BoS, they can be kept consolidated in one wallet. We wanted to streamline usage for the players that own multiple assets.

An Epic User Interface

To begin crafting with your BRAWL-O-SEUM, click the “Crafting” tab from the home screen. This will take you to your BoS inventory, where you can see its XP level, the design of the level you’re at, its mint number and how many packs are left to craft that day. You will also see an XP bar on each BoS to indicate how close you are to gaining an experience level. If your asset is grayed out, there are no more packs to be crafted for the day.

Below is a mock up of the BoS selection screen. Some of the art and numbers shown in the below screens are artifacts of WiP content.

We know most of our players appreciate efficiency, so we really put our nose to the grindstone to create an optimal user interface for the BoS. One additional update we made to BoS usage is we have changed the daily reset to a fixed time, opposed to players opting into their own rolling twenty-four-hour window.

After you have selected your BoS, hit the big shiny green “Craft Now” button to visit the crafting machine page.

We knew that this experience was going to be different, and we wanted it to feel special. The creative goal here was to make it feel like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory — lots of lights, sounds, information on display and a fine level of control (hence the 18 usable inputs).

This was not something we just wanted to “work” — we wanted it to absolutely delight its users.

The important part of the design process was to ensure that the interface was clean, contextualized and required no tooltips or tutorials. We believe the natural flow of its usage has done just this.

It starts from top to bottom, then reads left to right. The light gray area is all about informing, and the dark gray area is all about interacting. The top half will display updates based on the choices you make in the bottom half of the screen. Lights and sound will direct you on your path to executing a successful crafting action.

Red lights on the bottom panel will indicate a choice needs to be made before you can try to craft a pack. A yellow light will indicate a choice that could be made (using the “BOOSTER” as an example), and a green light on the bottom panel reflects what choice has been made.

This panel has a very tactile feel to it — cranking the handle feels hefty like you’re firing up a large industrial piece of machinery.

But, it’s not just all for looks. This panel gives you total control over risk reward. It also allows for bulk crafting and monitors how many packs remain until you hit your daily limit. As you change settings and choices, your CRT (the monitor in the middle) will update dynamically.

Going from left to right on the darker gray panel, you will have three buttons that toggle on/off that allow you to set your risk profile. The next section over allows you to run that machine consecutively as many times as you like. You can set it for up to 99 crafts and it will run it until you hit your pack limit or run out of BRWL. The right side of the control panel is where the opt in functions reside. This is where you can choose to influence a positive and negative outcome using your Gold NFTs or BRWL.

If you want to leave the page, the BoS graphic that is displayed is actually a clickable button that can take you back to your BoS select screen, along with the “Back” arrow in the upper left corner.

Additionally, if you’re crafting a skinnable pack (via the High Risk path), you have the ability to cycle through your personal pack skin options here. All packs successfully crafted via the High Risk path will be replete with the chosen skin.

Finally, the Risk Factor meter will dynamically adjust based on all of your decisions.

Once everything is to your liking, pull that handle down and you will see the machine split apart and take you automatically to the results screen to show the results of your choices.

As a reminder, the Low and Medium risk approach only issues “common card packs”. The drop rates of those packs tied to specific content are 50% for Deck cards, 27% for Attack moves, 16% for Taunt moves and 7% for finisher moves. On the deck cards, there is a .1% chance a foil card will drop.

All of the content crafted will be a mint on demand. Craft away and rip those packs if getting a low mint is your jam.

As you can see, the default view is a breakout by pack types that have been crafted. You can also toggle to see how much XP you have gained and any level-ups of your BoS.

If you are not at your crafting pack limit for the day, you may hit the “Craft Again” button in the bottom center of the screen and do it all over again. Or, you can click “VIEW INVENTORY” and check out what you have created/own.

Optimize Your PvP Loadout

Now that you have ripped open all of your packs, it is time to think about building your specific loadout for PvP.

The minimum required content for PvP is as follows:

  • One (1) Deck with cards numbered one (1) through eight (8).
  • One (1) Common Attack (you can have higher rarity Attacks, but must always have at least one (1) Common Attack present at all times.)
  • One (1) Taunt card (max of four (4) can be brought into your Brawl)
  • One (1) Finishing Move. If you happen to beat your opponent, you are going to need a way to pin, submit or crush their dreams. This is where that selection is made.

After all is said and done, you will need a total of 11 cards to qualify for a match. This purposefully designed loadout will guide players to know exactly what they need for a complete set of items. You may unlock up to 6 different loadouts and name them.

Also, on the loadout screen, you can set which card back you want to use, what custom intro you want to use and what your walk up music will be. These are all optional items that are available in the BRWL Store inside the BRWL Mall. Or, you can just use the standard default assets that are provided to you.

This screenshot is also a Work in Progress, but reflects the structure and design of your asset as it relates to delivering a proper beat down to all of your foes.

We hope you love this BoS design as much as we do and are preparing for PvP to take to the Ring. As always, let us know your thoughts and join the conversation on Discord.

13, Sep 2022